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Monday, 26 November 2018

Inauguration Pilot Plant Test Facility

Inauguration Pilot Plant Test Facility 
Jointly by NIT Tiruchirappalli and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) on 26th November 2018 facility at 5.15 pm

The project detail on “Pilot Plant Test facility for studying Exothermic Gas-Solid Reaction in Tubular/Downer Reactor”, heralding the technological development towards reactive systems.

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT) had paid great attention to scientific and technological innovation and had been persisting in pushing technological advancement through technological development and upgrading, focusing on self-development. For many years, NITT has completed successfully major R&D programs. At present, in hands with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), a distinctive characteristic exothermic gas-solid reactor termed as tubular/downer reactor has been developed.


Due to the near plug−flow reactor performance, downer reactor units are recognized as being ideal reactors for chemical processes. The hydrodynamic behaviour of the downer is a distinctive characteristic  
which makes it unique among others when compared with particularly the gas-solid systems. Downer provides a relatively homogeneous dilute flow structure, nearly plug flow performance, low solid hold-ups, short residence time and relatively large solid/gas mass ratio. With respect to these distinctive properties, downers attracted the  
research community to a greater extent in fundamental and applied technology aspects. These have fast reaction systems with intermediates as desired products, such as high-temperature catalytic reaction systems, which can be employed in various industrial  processes such as pyrolysis of coal and biomass, plasma reactor, etc.

This pilot-scale test facility - Downer/ Tubular Reactor possesses unique characteristics than other reactors thus enabling high efficiency developed can sustain temperatures of about 800oC with maximum solids flow rate of 100 kg/hr (gas & solids) with all necessary instrumentation for controlling flow rates, temperature  
etc., interfaced with SCADA. The direct contact cooling system is employed to bring down the temperatures of hot gases to ambient  conditions while achieving simultaneous gas cleaning.

Some Industrial applications of downer reactor units:

Due to the plug−flow reactor performance, downer reactor units are recognized as being ideal reactors for chemical processes. These have fast reaction systems with intermediates as desired products, such as  
high-temperature catalytic reaction systems, pyrolysis of coal and biomass, plasma reactor, etc.

•Applications of Downers in FCC
•Applications of Downers in Pyrolysis of Biomass and Coal.
•Downer Reactors - Jinan Refinery, SINOPEC

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