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Monday, 7 January 2019



Vakrangee had appointed M/s. Grant Thornton India LLP as consultant to carry Outlet Quality Analysis of Nextgen Vakrangee Kendra to ensure standardization referring to the look and feel of the outlet, availability of the services and validating customer and franchisee satisfaction index.

The engagement with Grant Thornton is to conduct an independent physical survey of the current and upcoming Next Gen Vakrangee Kendra outlets in the country.

The key objectives of the survey are as follows:
·        Ensure the Physical availability of the kendras as per coordinates shared by Vakrangee
·        Confirm exclusive service availability in each Kendra
·        Compliance to the standard branding guidelines
·        Draw inference of Franchisee satisfaction and Customer satisfaction

After conducting the physical survey of MMR & NCR Region Next Gen Vakrangee Kendras Grant Thornton has determined the following:

·        The branding and compliance of the Kendra has been strictly followed by the Franchisee Owners
·        Taking the concept of standardized look and feel to the last mile will surely increase the curiosity of citizens to visit the Kendras and avail its services.
·        Vakrangee Ltd. is adhering to its brand philosophy of “Ab poori duniya Pados Mein”, by ensuring the availability of all services.
·        Banking and ATM is unanimously the most utilised service, this means more focus should be given to e-Commerce and e-Governance services which will drive true business sense for a Vakrangee Franchisee owner.
·        Vakrangee should also focus on upgrading the skill sets of franchisee executive. Complete knowledge of product will help the franchisee exhibit services in an efficient manner.
·        Kendras our becoming popular among citizens as Larger time frame of service availability has facilitated them to visit the Kendras beyond the working hours

Please see below the link for the interim survey report of Grant Thornton (GT) for your kind

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