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ராட்சசன்’ சரவணன் நாயகனாக நடிக்கும் "குற்றப்பின்னணி"

 ‘ராட்சசன்’ சரவணன் நாயகனாக நடிக்கும் "குற்றப்பின்னணி" பிரண்ட்ஸ் பிக்சர்ஸ்  தயாரிக்கும் 6-வது படம் ‘குற்றப்பின்னணி’ ‘ராட்சசன்’ படத்...

Monday 28 January 2019

Monkey Donkey fun-filled travel based movie

Certain titles instantly grab the attention.The title "Monkey Donkey" is from the adjectives very clearly used  by the kids when they abuse each other in their best terms. This title automatically connects to the children who are our principle target. There are many references of parents focusing more on accumulation of wealth than caring for the non materialistic  In this aspect, here is one such film titled ‘Monkey Donkey’, a fun-filled travel based movie directed by filmmakers Abhianand-Saleesh Subramanyan duo, which is produced by Hasheer of Rooby Films. 

“Travel has always been everyone’s interest and something that is always related to fun, relaxation and amusement. Many times, it has been a mean of uniting the family and friends together.  When filmmakers Abhianand and Saleesh Subramanyan narrated me the story of ‘Monkey Donkey’, I could so easily visualize these aspects and it gave me a feel of journeying with the characters. It gave me confidence to proceed with the film. It has so much of fun, entertainment and family elements. I am sure it will be a decorous entertainer for universal audiences.” says producer Hasheer of Rooby Films. 

The star-cast of “Monkey Donkey” comprises of Sriram, M.R. Kishore, Baby Uvina, Kaali Venkat, Bose Venkat, Yogjapee and Vandana. Sooraj S Kurup is composing music for this film and others in the technical crew includes Kannan (Cinematography), Rizal Jainy (Editor), Rajeesh K Surya (Art) and Sangeeth (Lyrics). The shooting of this film is happening on full swing, where the current schedule is happening across the exquisitely elegant backdrops of Theni.

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