Saturday, 5 December 2020

A day in the life of Kajal

                                                  A day in the life of Kajal Aggarwal


Recently, Kajal Aggarwal entered a new phase of her life and decided to get married to entrepreneur Gautam Kitchlu. Her widely anticipated wedding celebrations were the talk of the town and followed avidly by fans across the country. But as the celebrations end, Kajal shares a glimpse of her daily life with her fans as she slowly tries to go back to her routine.

As she resumes her routine and goes back to her shooting schedule in the new reality, here’s a sneak peek into a typical day in the life of Kajal Aggarwal


Kick starting the day with a punch

Even though there’s nothing normal about the new reality, Kajal tries to start her day energetically. “I think there is nothing typical in our lives anymore. My day starts with an hour of yoga or Pilates followed by cooking some breakfast as I love to start the day on a high note.”


Work work work

With the festive and wedding celebrations now over, Kajal is back to the grind and has been shooting for her upcoming film, Hey Sinamika. Talking about how the pandemic has affected her life as she heads back to work, the actress said, “I feel my life has changed a lot in these past couple of months and my outlook towards a lot of things have changed. It has made me a more hyper-responsible person.” She further adds, I think this year has changed the meaning of ‘normal’. Nothing anymore seems normal. The right thing to do is to question everything and adapt to a new way of living. What’s changed in me is that I no longer take hygiene lightly. Earlier, I wasn’t worried if my clothes were washed in which detergent, if my veggies and fruits were just washed in water. But now I am thorough with my hygiene practices. Like there’s a Nature Protect on-the-go spray at every touchpoint I can think of, the main gate, in my car, even on the set of my next project. I think it’s good that these times have made me more aware and I have a sense of surrounding.”


Essential to grab some essentials!

While on her way back from work, Kajal often stops to buy essentials for her family. While this may have been an easy task before the pandemic, knowing the precarious situation we are in now, one needs to ensure they take all necessary precautions to avoid exposure. “Hygiene was always a big priority for me, but the pandemic has totally changed my approach towards things. I just feel like a small little virus could create such major havoc in all our lives. Now, more than ever, we need to be super cautious and super careful with our hygiene standards and sanitization practices. Cleanliness has to become a way of life for us and we need to understand the importance of this. I feel pre- pandemic, while heading out my bag would’ve just had a wallet, my phone, a sunblock, my pair of sunglasses and maybe a nude lipstick if at all needed. But it’s all different now. Now if you were to check my bag, it will have the usual phone and wallet with an addition of 2-3 spare masks, Nature Protect wipes and sanitizer and sometimes even the surface cleaner. The meaning of essentials and necessities will no longer be what life was pre- pandemic.

All’s well that ends well with a hearty meal!

Once home after a long day of work, Kajal likes to wrap up the day with a wholesome meal. It is essential to maintain the immunity, which means eating lots of homecooked meals made from disinfected veggies using the Nature Protect veggie & fruit cleaner that are filled with the right nutrients.

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