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தீர்க்க சுமங்கலி திரைப்படத்தில் மல்லிகை என் மன்னன் மயங்கும் எனும்

 தீர்க்க சுமங்கலி திரைப்படத்தில் மல்லிகை என் மன்னன் மயங்கும் எனும் பாடல் மூலம் தமிழ் திரை உலகத்தையே மயங்க வைத்தவர், திரும்பி பார்க்க வைத்தவர...

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Storytel – World’s largest audiobook platform

Storytel – World’s largest audiobook platform now offers 1000+ audio stories in Tamil

Storytel one of the world’s largest subscribed audiobook and e-book streaming services which offers more than 500,000 titles on a global scale now offers 1000 plus audio stories in Tamil.

Since 2017, Storytel has been the talk of the town. The audiobook app over the past two years has introduced numerous Tamil books penned by numerous leading authors like Kalki, Sandilyan, T. Janakiraman, Ashokamitran, Perumal Murugan and more. Storytel gives the listeners an opportunity to drive into classic and contemporary literature across genres. Whether you are in the mood for crime, thriller, biography, supernatural fiction or historic literature, Storytel always has something planned for you.

The content is not just enough! Buckle up for the exhilarating journey as the stories are rendered by great voice artists with the right pronunciation and voice modulation. The illustrious panel of narrators includes actors like Lakshmipriyaa Chandramouli of ‘Karnan’ fame, Raaghav Ranganathan, Nithya Raveendhar, RJ Balaji Venugopal and Saveetha Radhakrishnan a leading Kollywood dubbing artist.

Speaking about the enormous audio book bank in Tamil Deepika, Arun, Language Manager, Tamil, Storytel said “Audiobooks are a new form of entertainment companion that you can take along everywhere. The experience becomes better when you listen in your mother tongue. This is a boon for people who don’t have time to read or who do not know to read in Tamil but always wanted to know Tamil classics. Mindless chores can be made meaningful with audiobooks. Whatever be the genre of your choice, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Personal Development, there is something for everyone; anywhere, anytime! At just Rs. 149 per month, you have an entire library of audiobooks in 10+ Indian Languages“

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