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Thursday 29 July 2021

Tata Starbucks introduces the limited-edition Starbucks

 Tata Starbucks introduces the limited-edition Starbucks® Anniversary Blend across its stores in India to honour 50 years of Starbucks

Celebrate this landmark occasion by embarking on a bold coffee journey with the Starbucks® Anniversary Blend, ethically sourced exclusively from Indonesia

A tribute to 50-years of its legacy, Starbucks introduced the limited edition whole-bean coffee, Starbucks® Anniversary blend to encourage its customers to raise a cup in celebration of the future.

Starbucks® Anniversary blend – a full-bodied, robust, and undeniably bold coffee is ethically sourced exclusively from Indonesia, the coffee growing region that has inspired Starbucks since 1971. This unique blend features layers of spice notes and a smooth coffee, with aromatic notes of smoked cedar, allspice, complemented by lingering accents of black truffle and fresh tarragon. In celebration and gratitude, the commemorative blend offers customers with an intense yet elegant cup of their beloved coffee as a testament to the past and a toast to the future.

Starbucks first offered Anniversary Blend in 1996 in celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary, and since then it has become an annual favorite. This year the celebration continues with Starbucks 50th anniversary with this bold blend sourced exclusively from Indonesia. 

The packaging for the Anniversary Blend features the nurturing and proud spirit of the siren, with a welcoming, optimistic, and confident aura. The handcrafted art embraces the imperfections of woodcut printing techniques.

“We`re delighted to mark Starbucks’ 50 years of serving its customers and communities with the exclusive Starbucks® Anniversary blend. This limited edition, ethically sourced coffee is another innovation that emphasises our passion, zeal for an elevated coffee experience We take immense pride in inviting all our customers from across the country to savour this unique blend which highlights Starbucks’ innovative and inspiring journey of half a century,” said Sushant Dash, ceo, Tata Starbucks.

The Limited edition Starbucks® Anniversary blend is available in 250gms  or customers can  choose  any of their  favourite beverages with the anniversary blend as their espresso choice  across Starbucks stores in India or through various delivery platforms.

To further commemorate Starbucks’ 50 years, they have also introduced a line-up of limited-edition Starbucks 50th Anniversary Collection which pays tribute to the symbol of Starbucks with siren-themed essentials.


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