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Wednesday 28 July 2021

Flipkart Video Gives the Audience a Next-Level Interactive Experience

 Flipkart Video Gives the Audience a Next-Level Interactive Experience 

with Crime Stories Season 2

~ Viewers get to choose Inspector Vikrant’s actions in the investigation~

~The series is now live on the Flipkart App~

Link to the trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gecef6kY1vo

Should Inspector Vikrant check the victim’s phone logs? Or should he check the surveillance footage to find the killer? Which lead should Inspector Vikrant follow? The power to decide now rests in the hands of the viewer. Flipkart Video announces the return of its investigative drama series, Crime Stories by giving interactive crime fiction a new avatar. Launching today on the Flipkart app, the series introduces ‘branching video’ technology, a feature that draws audiences to become a part of the narrative by letting them choose between different, compelling storylines.

Following the nail-biting end of season one, the latest edition promises to offer new and intriguing unsolved cases, suspects and unexpected plot twists that will continue to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Flipkart Video’s introduction of the ‘branching video’ feature will also enhance consumer experience by engaging viewers actively in the storyline giving them the chance to explore alternative possibilities that each episode can take.

Commenting on his association with Flipkart Video, actor K.C. Shankar said, “Inspector Vikrant is one of the most interesting characters that I've ever played and the experience of working on this show only got better with the new season. With the introduction of the ‘branching video’ feature, we had to shoot an alternate storyline which was thrilling and challenging at the same time. Audiences are looking to do more than just watch the show. They want to be involved, everyone loves having control and this new season gives them an opportunity to do just that. I can’t wait for everyone to tune in to the Flipkart app and catch the criminal along with me while winning exciting prizes.”

Talking about the launch, Aloka Guha, Senior Director & Head of Content, Flipkart Video said, “With the launch of Crime Stories season 2, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation by launching interactive content that delivers a unique experience. By introducing the branching video technology, we are giving viewers a more immersive entertainment experience which is different from anything we have done before. This introduction is built on our deep consumer understanding, which has revealed a growing fascination in taking more 'control' on the content they consume. We are excited for audiences to watch this new season and determine for themselves, how the story moves forward.”

Each episode, released daily, will be a stand-alone case, revolving around the interrogation of multiple suspects while also engaging viewers through one branching question per episode that lets them explore the story in the direction they want to, and win exciting prizes.

The show is now live on the Flipkart App and users can access the show by clicking on the Video icon at the bottom right of the Flipkart app’s homepage.

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