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Thursday 22 July 2021

HP introduces unique AI powered digital solutions to

                 HP introduces unique AI powered                 digital solutions to transform                             learning for students & teachers


  • New Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled literacy assessment tool identifies, measures, and corrects the reading and comprehension challenges amongst young students
  • Bouquet of solutions include – HP School Coach – encompassing Digital pedagogy, Literacy Attainment and School Improvement Coach; HP Classeasy – a comprehensive, modular Learning Management System
  • HP School Coach solution can assess early literacy challenges such as dyslexia, while also assisting with remediation
  • HP’s innovative solutions will allow educators and parents to monitor students’ performance based on insights, efficiency, and transparency

HP India today introduced new technology solutions to empower educators with digital tools that will unlock every student’s unique potential. With widespread switch from physical classrooms to online learning prevalent during the pandemic, HP's new digital learning solutions help education institutions in the transition to a digital learning environment and offer students 24/7 access to knowledge, courses, and collaborative resources. It will also enable schools to use a blended model for remote and classroom learning. 

Through new technological innovations, HP focuses on addressing primary need gaps in the education system, and helps educators augment their teaching style through an insight-based tracking of academic progress of students. These solutions will enable students to consume knowledge in enjoyable ways and help them retain information more effectively.

To launch a comprehensive learning service called HP School Coach, HP collaborated with Mirai Partners, a leading learning and development organization. The solution helps schools and students improve their performance through high-impact digital learning, school governance, and literacy attainment. The program's pedagogical transformative technologies will be integrated into school curricula, resulting in a rich, immersive teaching, and learning experience.

The tool has been designed based on deep insights from school principals, teachers, senior leadership teams across the world for three decades and will assist in three critical areas:

  • Measuring and correcting age appropriate Literacy Reading & Comprehension for students in K-12 & adult students in vocational training
  • School Quality Assurance & Improvement for State Education Ministries & Schools
  • Professional Development on digital pedagogy around digital teaching & learning

Announcing the initiative, Ketan Patel, MD, HP India Market, said “For the last 15 months, globally and in India, the education system has relied completely on technology. The growth of online learning has given rise to a hybrid learning model that is here to stay. To deliver an efficient, engaging and creative hybrid learning experience for students, access to the right devices and solutions is imperative. It is a privilege for all of us at HP to innovate and create technology solutions that help students and educators achieve their learning goals and transform the future of learning in India.”

HP School Coach has been built on the following three key pillars:

Literacy Attainment Coach: According to recent research by McKinsey students in the U.S. experience a learning loss of 30% on a return to school in September. The study also suggests that there are only 30% proficient readers in the US (4th grade). Latest ASER (Annual State of Education Report) indicates that ~47% of Grade 5 students can read a Grade 2 level text. This trend negatively impacts the performance of the kids in higher grades as well. It is therefore imperative to assess how kids learn and adapt our approach. This literacy gap amongst students has further intensified during the pandemic. To combat the concern, HP’s Literacy Attainment Coach employs artificial intelligence (AI) and research to accurately assess a learner's ability to read and comprehend according to their age.

The AI tool gathers diagnostic data, provides reading analysis and suggests intervention to drive literacy. With an array of literacy solutions, it enables teachers to help their students with on-demand courses for improvement. The effectiveness of interventions can also be tracked and evaluated over time. The tool also enhances teacher competency, especially literacy assessment and intervention as they get greater insights on their students' reading patterns. For example, the HP Literacy Coach can quickly diagnose early literacy challenges in children, such as dyslexia, while also assisting with remediation.

  • Digital Pedagogy Coach: Schools can define their digital strategy and needs using a self-assessment approach, which is followed by seminars based on gap analysis. As a result, each school has a unique and tailored digital transformation strategy with defined objectives and evaluation indicators. The tool enables end to end tracking of the strategy, so the administrators receive a dashboard view of the progress at any time. 
  • School Improvement Coach: Effective governance is critical for evaluating a school's performance. This digitally enabled solution puts an inspection process in motion by monitoring performance based on insights, efficiency, and transparency. The technology allows for efficient year-over-year improvement tracking inside schools and the education system.

To enable gamified education that allows schools to create engaging teaching solutions, HP has also launched HP Classeasy in partnership with Classera, a leader in Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) to provide e-learning solutions. This innovative activity-based learning system is aimed at reinventing schooling via inspiration, personalization, and engagement. Through an innovative use of video conferencing, the platform creates a virtual classroom environment that adds a layer of gamification to the platform to boost engagement while encouraging and inspiring learners.

The platform transforms classroom activities that were previously carried out in a physical setting into a seamless virtual experience.  The tool's increased use will promote academic pursuits and allow parents and educators to track progress toward specific goals.

Rajnish Gupta, Senior Director & Head Enterprise PC Sales, HP India said, “The pandemic has accelerated the need for an integrated digital approach that inspires students to learn with zest and enthusiasm. Educators must use innovate solutions to track student progress while helping them learn efficiently and effectively. HP School Coach and HP Classeasy solutions reiterate the role of technology in enabling growth and learning for students and educators. With customizable dashboards for teachers and schools, these technologies will allow for easy and seamless monitoring of progress. These technology products and innovations will go a long way in redefining classroom learning and instruction delivery in India.”

For both students and educators, HP’s new education offerings will intensify immersive learning experience, collaborative learning, progress mapping and schooling experience. Globally, the education solutions have already been implemented in Finland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, UAE, Egypt amongst other key markets. They are now being brought to India to help bridge the digital divide in learning. In terms of availability, the customers are being invited for free demos to experience the solutions.

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