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Friday, 17 December 2021

DEWAR’S Highball Soda Celebrates a Double Wedding in its First Ever TVC for India

 DEWAR’S Highball Soda Celebrates a Double Wedding in its First Ever TVC for India

Storyline brings together two cultures and highlights the brand’s unique proposition of ‘Double Filtered for Extra Smoothness’

DEWAR’S premium highball soda has launched its first television commercial in India featuring a double wedding, bringing together the brand’s Scottish heritage with the traditions of India. Known for its witty, intelligent take on pop-culture trends, the DEWAR’S ad innovatively captures the Highball soda double filtration process by showcasing the coming together of two distinct celebrations in a vibrant wedding.


Conceptualised by BBDO, the film depicts two unique wedding celebrations, successfully demonstrating that two is indeed better than one. Thus, tying back to the product’s double filtration process, which leads to an exceptional drink experience.

DEWAR’S has adopted a phased-out multi-pronged approach for the campaign wherein the brand film was released across digital platforms earlier this year. Seeing the phenomenal response and traction, it is now taken to television (GEC and Lifestyle channels) and cinemas across cities.

Sourced and bottled in Scotland, the DEWAR’S Highball Soda is made with a unique process of double filtration and is then carbonated to deliver an extra smooth, refreshing drink. This smooth texture is a result of the low mineral content and distinctive carbonation, which enhances the flavour of cocktails or mocktails, thereby elevating the experience. Handcrafted from pure Scottish water, it is rumoured to have served royalty in the past and is best enjoyed in a Highball cocktail that’s one part DEWAR’S to two parts DEWAR’S Highball soda added to a tall Highball glass filled with ice and garnished with lemon.

Speaking about the campaign, Vijay Dev, Brand Lead, Whiskies at Bacardi said, “DEWAR’S has always been innovative and charted a progressive path, establishing a strong and distinctive foothold in the Indian market. In line with this and our premiumization drive, we launched our first ever premium non-alcoholic product in November 2020  Through our TVC for DEWAR’S Highball Soda we aim to highlight the brand’s exceptional smoothness achieved by a unique double filtration process and right balance of carbonation to make exceptionally smooth highballs for our discerning consumers. It accomplishes this by bringing two distinct cultures and wedding ceremonies together, ensuring double the joy.”

The DEWAR’S brand platform of ‘Double is better’ was the perfect start to set the tone and premise of the brand in India. Being the first campaign for DEWAR’S Highball Soda, it was important to capture the brand’s legacy of Scottish heritage while keeping it relevant to the Indian audience. The coming together of two cultures was the quintessential setting for the brand’s playful tonality. At the same time, it enabled highlighting the product’s double filtration benefit and overall experience.” said Nikhil Mahajan, Chief Growth Officer, BBDO India.

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