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Saturday, 11 December 2021

Tips and tricks to handle electrical appliances safe

 Tips and tricks to handle electrical appliances safe during monsoon

While monsoon is about enjoying a plate of hot pakora, bajji, bonda with a cup of hot tea in the balcony it has flipside as well. Sometime rains can create a havoc in our houses, especially in kitchen area. Kitchen is one of the important areas at home and it is necessary to keep it monsoon proof to avoid electrical accidents. Moisture in the air and dampness on walls increase the risk of electrical leaks. A clean and dry area keeps the fungus and insects too at bay. Don’t worry, here are the safety tips from Preethi Kitchen Appliances to keep your kitchen monsoon proof

Safety first:

The first thing in any calamity is to remain safe. The rain will cause dampness in the walls of your house. The dampness in turn will lead to short circuits. It is always advisable to have a separate circuit breaker in kitchen as kitchen is one of the places where most electrical equipments are placed. The circuit breaker helps to get the supply disconnected if there is any sudden surge in electricity flow. During heavy rains it is advisable to keep the electrical appliances unplugged as power fluctuations and unexpected power cuts will damage the equipment. Wear rubber sandals and gloves while handling wet fields at home.

If appliances are flooded:

Exercise extreme caution as first thing when handling flooded equipment. If your fuse box is wet, it will end up fatal as water conducts electricity. Ensure electricity supply for wet grinder, mixer grinder, electric cooker, chimney, and other appliances are availed through three pin sockets with proper earth provisions.

If the appliances are flooded by rain, don’t try to switch on or try to repair on your own. The flooded appliances will pose a risk of electric leak if switched on. The components need to be thoroughly cleaned, dried, and inspected. Call the technical expert to assess the damage and repair the appliances before switching on.

Ensure enough ventilation

Ventilation allows sunlight and fresh air to enter the room. It in turn helps to keep the room dry & also ensures the wet floor and equipment get dried out quickly. Though ventilation is important for all seasons monsoon demands more. The musty smell on the floors and walls due to rain shall be tackled with proper ventilation. The dry wall helps to stop conducting electric leak too.

Get the wiring checked

There is a popular saying that ‘prevention is better than cure’. we suggest having periodical check of your wiring and plumbing installations. Good wiring and quality circuit breakers will ensure safety of your kitchen during monsoon. Call the qualified electrician and get the wiring checked before monsoon. While checking the electric wiring it is also advisable to check water pipe leaks beforehand to avoid bigger issues in later stage.

Emergency numbers:

Keep all the emergency numbers like state emergency team, electricity board and electrician, corporation office, disaster team, fire and rescue and ambulance. This helps to avoid last minute hassles.

Preethi consumers can also call its customer care number 99400 00005 or mail to care@preethi.in Safety tips issued by Preethi Kitchen Appliances

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