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Monday 10 December 2018

The first look of any film will try hard to depict

The first look of any film will try hard to depict the Protaganist's character

The first look of any film will try hard to depict the protaganist's character and go a long way in helping the director to divulge the inner details of the script in a creative manner.  Many films had hit the road to this journey of success with precision.  

The first look of "Maha" starring Hansika Mothwani in the lead which was released yesterday  invoked huge curiosity among the audience courtesy the conceptual posters that went viral. Hansika Motwani has been conferred the title "Princess" before her name in the title and the debutant director Jameel  endorses this with enthusiasm . 

"Yes , of course she is a princess. The basics ingredient of a princess is "Charm, Cute, and being courteous" .  Hansika is blessed with these hall mark qualities.  She possess the promise to hold the commercial market of the industry for some time from now on. Her decision to elevate herself to heroine based films will do justification to the rich talents she possess.  She plays a very challenging role that has multiple shades. 

The mirror image which went viral yesterday actually says "The objects in the mirror are not what exactly what you see....It differs" . The character is built in this concept. With able technicians like Lakshman as the cinematographer , Ghibran as the music director supporting my cause for a good  film we are confident of providing a film of substance and commercial value to my producer Mathi sir of Etcetera entertainment which he richly deserves, for his fore sight and ability to spot talents.

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