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 ‘ராட்சசன்’ சரவணன் நாயகனாக நடிக்கும் "குற்றப்பின்னணி" பிரண்ட்ஸ் பிக்சர்ஸ்  தயாரிக்கும் 6-வது படம் ‘குற்றப்பின்னணி’ ‘ராட்சசன்’ படத்...

Monday 27 January 2020

Celebrating 15 years with the Heart for India Foundation

Celebrating 15 years with the Heart for India Foundation with Princess Francoise Sturdza from Switzerland

 'Heart For India Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation founded and registered in Geneva, Switzerland. The NGO is involved in India since 2005, taking care of Government Schools as well as a professional training center for women.'

Princess Francoise Sturdza, Founder & President , her daughter Princess Christine Sturdza, Vice – President of the Heart for India Foundation are now  in India to visit all the schools they are involved with, it commemorates the 15 years of their service in India.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and this is exactly what reflects the daily work of  Heart for India. Since 2005 ,the HFI Foundation has grown step by step and built a winning model based on the  following method to link education with Nutrition , to identify & solve serious problems related to Health & Hygiene, Security & Safety & Environment.

Provision of teachers, Computers etc for Education, provision of Toilets for hygiene, building compound wall for safety ,Snacks & breakfast for nutrition Uniforms,Note books,Footwear,cleaning helpers & cleaning disinfectants ,nutrition helpers,cooks etc. are some of the support Heart for India Foundation has been doing over the years,as per the need of each school.

Princess Francoise Sturdza  participated in the Indian Republic Day celebrations of the Panchayat Union Primary School & Government High School at Nanmangalam. This is a proud moment for the Heart for India Foundation & the Govt. School  at Nanmangalam as this was the very first project the HFI Foundation in 2005. It is a great service where Heart for India Foundation have now expanded to various other Government Schools -  Kovilambakkam, Amman Nagar, Perungudi & Karapakkam. They also take care of 5 Balwadi’s.

Mrs. Minnie Sarah Abraham, Manager for India  also present to participate in the occasion along with the Program coordinator Mr. Baskaran & all HFI  staff  working in their HFI project schools  also present to honour Princess..

 Mrs. Natchathira Mary & Enisa from ‘Nivedan Women’s Development Trust 
Regional Education Officer Charles Peter, Medavakkam Govt. High school Education Special Officer Kalaimani 
also  present to grace the occasion.

Members of the Lions Club  also  there to honour Princess Francoise Sturdza for her continued service for all these years.

Mr. William, Block Education Officer present to honour Princess.
Headmistress of both Primary Mrs. Sargunam Prakash & High School  Mrs. Baby  honoured Princess Francoise Sturdza.

Princess Francoise would like her team move further on  along with the cooperation of the school &  focus more totally  on education & to find out what would help in finding solutions to the underlying problems in the Govt. Schools (HFI Foundation is  involved with) which is causing distractions to students in their focus . Princess Francoise suggested on sending counselors to the various schools on a regular basis &  monitor the behavioural changes in the student to education . If it proves changes for good, that model can be tried …

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