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Saturday 11 December 2021

IndiGo reinforces its commitment towards environment,

                     IndiGo reinforces its commitment towards environment, 

        partners with CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

IndiGo, India’s leading carrier, in line with its vision to reduce the environmental impact of aviation, has signed an agreement with CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP), Dehradun to become partners in leading the deployment of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in India and globally. Under this partnership, IndiGo and CSIR-IIP will enter into specific arrangements for projects for SAF based on techno-commercial feasibility and Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) value creation. IndiGo desires to be an anchor partner to such Institutes and oil refining companies in the future to address the core issue of Carbon Emissions and take a lead in demonstrating its commitment towards sustainable and responsible growth. IndiGo is the first airline in India to have launched an ESG report and has been working tirelessly across all key aspects of ESG including reducing our carbon footprint, building a diverse and inclusive team, strengthening internal governance, and supporting the aspirations of the local communities in which we operate. We will also be releasing our second ESG report which will be aligned with leading standards such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Mr. Ronojoy Dutta, Whole-time Director & Chief Executive Officer, IndiGo said, “As a responsible airline, we have always understood the importance of making a difference towards a greener future. We have partnered with CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum to ensure that we are working towards controlling emissions and in the process building supply chains for manufacturing and deploying sustainable aviation fuel in India and globally in the foreseeable future. IndiGo is committed to creating a platform to bring our business partners and customers together on key strategic ESG initiatives.”

Mr Dutta added, “The Agreement also cements IndiGo’s commitment towards responsible growth, its desire to effectively manage its climate footprint in line with India’s commitment to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2070. We are committed to thought leadership in this domain and are exploring innovative solutions to the challenges of the present and the future.”

Dr. Anjan Ray, Director CSIR-IIP, added that “CSIR-IIP is committed to achieving India's goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and indigenous, globally competitive, sustainable fuel production for a wide range of transportation and industrial uses We will be collaborating with IndiGo on projects that will help control emissions, reduce carbon footprint and align on UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that the synergies between IndiGo and CSIR-IIP can enhance national self-reliance as well as strengthen India’s position in the global aviation sector.”

IndiGo and CSIR-IIP will work together on the following areas:

  • Single Reactor HEFA Technology for Drop-in liquid Sustainable aviation and Automotive Fuel (DILSAAF)
  • Vacuum swing adsorption process for the up-gradation of raw biogas to pipeline quality bio-methane
  • Room Temperature Biodiesel Process for deployment in Ground force vehicles
  • Conversion of Waste Plastics to Fuels and Petrochemicals for deployment in Ground Force Vehicles

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