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Sunday 4 December 2022

Akaash Ashok Kumar Wins 1st Chennai Open Titles

Akaash Ashok Kumar Wins 1st Chennai Open Titles

Akaash Ashok Kumar of Karnataka won the Open category Singles title in the inaugural 1st Chennai Open Tenpin Bowling Championships which concluded today at Lets Bowl, Chennai.

Earlier in the day, top four players moved to Stepladder Round based on cumulative pinfall from 8 games in the Masters Round. Akaash Ashok Kumar of Karnataka, Dhruv Sarda of Delhi, Shabbir Dhankot of Tamil Nadu, and Prathyek Satya of Karnataka finished in the top 4 positions respectively.

In the 1st match of Stepladder round of Open category, which is played on Challenge the Leader format, third seed Shabbir Dhankot won over fourth seed Prathyek Satya (193 – 169) and moved to next round. In the second Stepladder Round match, second seed Dhruv Sarda won against Shabbir (235 – 213) and moved to finals of the Championships.

In the Finals, top seed Akaash Ashok Kumar was flawless scoring 289 against second seed Dhruv Sarda (222) beating by 67 pins and won the title in the Open Category.

In the Open Doubles Category, Akaash Ashok Kumar and Kishan R of Karnataka won the title defeating Parvez Ahmed and Salman Khan of Karnataka (871 - 855) by a margin of 16 pins. Teams comprising Umesh Kumar and Akramullah Baig , Parthiban J and Deepak Kothari Shabbir, of Tamil Nadu finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

In the Graded Category, top 12 players who qualified for Masters Round played a block of 8 games to decide the Winner. Akramullah Baig of Tamil Nadu won the title scoring 1654 pins at an average of 206.75 and Parthiban J of Tamil Nadu finished second scoring 1637 pins at an average of 204.63. Salman Khan of Karnataka (1582) and Anand Babu of Tamil Nadu (1559) finished 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

Mr Philip, Dean of Rajalakshmi Engineering College and Mr James Vasanthan, renowned film music composer gave away the prizes to the winners.

75 bowlers from 10 States participated in this Open Championships.

Special Prizes: 

Highest 3 game score in the Open Category: Ganesh N T of Tamil Nadu

Highest 3 game score in the Graded Category: Sushil Adam of Tamil Nadu

Best regards

Habeebur Rahman

Tournament Coordinator

98840 27207

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