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Tuesday 2 May 2023

Pichaikkaran 2 - ANTI BIKILI Trailer garners phenomenal reception

 *Pichaikkaran 2 - ANTI BIKILI Trailer garners phenomenal reception*

*Worldwide Theatrical Release on May 19, 2023* 

Vijay Antony’s Pichaikkaran 2 – Anti Bikili Trailer released on April 29, 2023, has witnessed an incredible response by scaling more than 3 Million views within a short period. The trailer owns myriad brilliant flashpoints including the stylish visuals, sleek editing cuts, the signature music of the ‘Pichaikkaran’ franchise, and more than all, the stunning screen presence of Vijay Antony. What’s so intriguing is the trailer in all languages put together scaling more than 7 Million views within 24 hours. Furthermore, the makers are happy to reveal that the film will be released worldwide on May 19, 2023. 

Vijay Antony has directed, composed music, and handled editing work for the film ‘Pichaikkaran 2- Anti Bikili’, produced by Fatima Vijay Antony of Vijay Antony Film Corporation.  Vijay Antony plays the lead role in this film, which features Kavya Thapar, Dato Radha Ravi, Y Gee Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Hareesh Peradi, John Vijay, Dev Gill, Yogi Babu, and many others in the prominent role. 

The songs ‘Bikili’ and ‘Koyil Silayae’ released recently have witnessed phenomenal responses. 

Fatima Vijay Antony of Vijay Antony Film Corporation has consistently produced projects with unique contents, and entertainment elements that have the appreciations of critics and struck positive results at the box office as well. With heavy expectations spiking up for Pichaikkaran 2, the trade circles have already declared that the film will make huge waves. 

*Technical Crew*

Line Producer: Sandra Johnson

Executive Producer : Naveenkumar.D 

Cinematographer: Om Narayan Associate 

Publicity Designer: Dhani Aelay 

Art Director : Arusamy 

Stylist: G Anusha Meenakshi

Dance Choreographers: Azar, Hari Kiran, Kalyan

Action Choreographers: Rajasekar, Mahesh Mathew

Digital Consultant : G. Balaji 

Writers: Vijay Antony, K Palani, Paul Antony 

Lyricist: Arun Barathi 

Dialogue Writer : K Palani 

PRO : Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’one

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