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Wednesday 10 April 2024

Abhishek Pictures Pan India Film, In Association With Thunder Studios

 Abhishek Pictures Pan India Film, In Association With Thunder Studios, Directed by Abhishek Nama Titled NAGABANDHAM, Title Glimpse Offers A Mighty Experience*

Abhishek Nama needs no special introduction. The producer & Distributor who made some path-breaking films such as Goodhachari and Devil: The British Secret Agent will be producing a majestic adventure that is set to redefine the cinematic experience. Production No. 9 of Abhishek Pictures, in association with Thunder Studios, is produced by Madhusudhan Rao.

Abhishek Nama who impressed one and all with his direction skills with Devil will wield the megaphone for this magnum opus. Abhishek Nama penned a powerful script laced with spiritual and adventurous elements. Devansh Nama presents the movie, while Dev Babu Gandi (Bujji) is the co-producer.

On the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, Abhishek Pictures unveiled the title of their grand venture through a spellbinding glimpse. The movie is titled strikingly NAGABANDHAM with the tagline- The Secret Treasure. The enchanting introductory video whisks us away to a mesmerizing and enigmatic world, further enhanced with a captivating soundtrack and spectacular visuals. The VFX work is exquisitely done to augment the visual majesty.

Introducing the mysterious Aghori character played by Avinash of KGF fame, the video offers a mighty experience. It indeed piques our curiosity for the lead actor and promises a thrilling quest for Lord Vishnu's treasure. With director Abhishek Nama at the helm and producer Madhusudhan Rao leading a team of seasoned technicians, this high-budget production guarantees an immersive journey into a world of magic, mystery, and adventure.

Soundar Rajan S is the lensman for the movie, while Abhe is the music director. Srikanth Vissa penned the dialogues, while Santosh Kamireddy is the editor. Gandhi Nadikudikar is the production designer.

NAGABANDHAM is a Pan India film that will have a simultaneous release in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages in 2025.

The main cast is yet to be announced.

Technical Crew:

Banner: Abhishek Pictures

In Association with: Thunder Studios

Devansh Nama Presents

Story, Screenplay, & Director: Abhishek Nama

Producer: Madhusudhan Rao

Director of Photography: Soundar Rajan S

Music: Abhe

Co-Producer: Dev Babu Gandi (Bujji)

CEO: Vasu Potini

Production Designer: Gandhi Nadikudikar

Dialogues: Srikanth Visaa 

Editor: Santosh Kamireddy

Executive Producer: Abhinethry Jakkal

Action:  Venkat

Dolby Atmos mixing: E.Radhakrishna d.f. tech

Special Effects: J.R. Ethiraj

Script Development: Rajiv n Krishna

VFX: Thunder Studios

Publicity Designs: Kaani Studios

PRO: Sathish Kumar

Link 🔗 https://youtu.be/I3AfwSUSdRU

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