Monday, 26 November 2018

SECOND Phase Distribution GAJA Relief Materials by NITT Students

SECOND Phase Distribution - GAJA Relief Material by Students, Faculty and Staff members of NIT Tiruchirappalli extending their support on the doorstep of victim in Pattukottai and Thiruthuraipoondi District 

NIT Tiruchirappalli students continued their support for the third day even in the heavy rain with relief material to 500 families in the interior villages of Thiruthuraipoondi (Tholuthoor, Sembiyan valour, Manali, Athikesanallur, Alathambadi).

A student from the team said we have collected the relief materials with the support of our students, faculty and staff to serve 500 families in a rural village which have not received any support. With the guidance from news reporter came to know villages near Thiruthuraipoondi district have not received any support as there is  
no bus facility to it. Overnight we packed 500 pockets of relief material containing bedsheet, candle, matchbox, biscuit, rusk, mosquito coil, brush, toothpaste, atta powder, soap and water bottle.  

During discussing the distribution we want to ensure how to reach every needy in a village because during distribution in street mostly old age people and people stay at the end of the Street will not receive any due to heavy rush. Then we came up with an idea to reach every family on their doorstep so along with the relief truck we went in bikes so even in inaccessible spot bike can be useful. Surprisingly after reaching the village the youngster in the village got impressed with our idea and join us for distribution ensuring everyone is  
getting benefited. So we all join together split yourself into a group with one local volunteer in every group for guidance. We received a warm welcome from every family and they ensured we are comfortable through the process they even offered their umbrella to save us from the rain. At the end of the day, we return to college  
with a heart full of happiness on serving every family in those underprivileged villages.

Pattukottai district: NIT Tiruchirappalli sent relief material with basic essentials and Torchlight have been distributed by our students in Soorappallam village of Pattukottai district and removed the darkness in the night  
due to electrical failure for next 10 days in 200 families.

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