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Sunday, 20 January 2019

PM Narendra Modi the biopic creates WhatsApp Mania

PM Narendra Modi the biopic creates WhatsApp Mania
~1500 WhatsApp groups created by fans to share biopic information
 Sandip Ssingh's biopic on the Prime Minister titled PM Narendra Modi has definitely caught the imagination of the country. Directed by Omung Kumar with Vivek Oberoi in and as Narendra Modi has kept social media abuzz with the actor's uncanny resemblance to the Prime Minister in the first poster.
Now the film team tells us that there are 1500 WhatsApp groups that have been formed to just share information about the film. Digital agency Everymedia that is handling the social media promotions for the film says it has been getting requests to share information about the biopic.
Gautam B Thakker of Everymedia says, "The buzz around this movie is exceptionally high and the posters have been shared on every possible platform. 1500 WhatsApp groups within a week of a film's first poster launch is something we haven't witnessed before. Launching the movie poster in multiple languages seems to have paid off as a strategy on a national and international level. Apart from some of the major countries including India, USA and UAE, we are seeing these groups from Seychelles and Sri Lanka, also. The organic growth is simply incredible.”
Trade Analyst Rahul V Dubey say, "PM Narendra Modi Biopic will also have a very bright chance of working at the box-office because it is first time in the history of India that a biopic is being made on the life of a PM who is still in the office and is very popular not only in India but all over the world. A self-made simple man and a very astute politician about  whom everyone is very intrigued and keen to know more about his real life story."
PM Narendra Modi is a biopic that will traverse the journey of Narendra Damodar Modi from his humble beginnings to his years as Chief Minister and finally his landmark election as the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy.
Produced by Sandeep Singh and direction by biopic maestro Omung Kumar, PM Narendra Modi has Vivekanand Oberoi as playing Modi.

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