Saturday, 11 January 2020

Tree Ambulance Phase II Launch & Flag off

Tree Ambulance Phase II Launch &  Flag off by Her Excellency Hon'ble Kiran Bedi - Governor of Puducherry.

Trees are the backbone of all ecosystems on which the mankind and other living and non-living being rely. Trees help in maintaining the ecological balance of the earth by emission of Oxygen, absorption of Carbon dioxide.

The Green man of india Dr.k. Abdul Ghani intiated unique concept of tree ambulance. We have ambulance for human and animals then why not for tree?

This unique concept was well supported by Mr. Suresh K Jadhav (Founder of SASA GROUP) and the *Tree Ambulance* got its life.
 His excellency Hon'ble Venkaia Naidu Vice President of India has launched Tree Ambulance Phase I on 22nd may 2019 - World Bio-Diversity Day. 

on 11th Jan 2020 we are happy to announce the launch of *Tree Ambulance Phase II with Tree Spade* from worthy hands of *Her Excellency Hon'ble Kiran Bedi - Governor of Puducherry.*

In this program she launched 

Tee Ambulance Mobile App  **

Tree Ambulance Helpline Number  8939 085 085
 & Automatic Tree Spade

Mr. Prithivi Krishnan supported with his expertise to develop Automatic Tree Spade.

Tree Ambulance team is blessed  with sagacious guidance from Hon'ble Kiran Bedi Ji. She also shared her life stories with team which showed her love towards Trees and Nature.
After this launch the Tree Ambulance will continue its journey to save the trees all over india in support of mother nature.

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