Friday, 16 October 2020

21-year old MBBS student shown compassion by

 21-year old MBBS student shown compassion by Mumbai Police

We have been subjected to poisonous coverage on our TV News channels and incessant trolling on social media platforms that media houses have created after the death of Hindi film actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The hate and negativity spewed by reporters on national television has been a point of contention for many, and Mumbai Police has borne perhaps the maximum brunt of it.

The entire police force has been extremely efficient in these trying times. They have been working tirelessly to maintain a safe environment during the time of COVID-19. And even with so many police officials that lost their lives, the call of duty for the Mumbai police was to keep us safe.

Today, the Mumbai Police caught a 21-year old MBBS student from Thane for sending threatening messages to the family of Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. The high ranking officer informed his colleague about the vicious threats and the Crime Branch immediately tracked the individual down. The 21-year old pleaded guilty and apologised for his actions, saying that he had been watching the coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death on Republic TV and was influenced by the hate against Mumbai Police that was falsely reported.

A police official said to leading daily, “The Mumbai Police Commissioner and his family members have been getting all kinds of messages via social media and on phone for the past few weeks. They ignore most of them. However, in the last few days a person sent several messages on social media to a close family member of the police commissioner asking him to advise the city police chief to keep quiet or they have other ways to ‘shut him up’.”

The third-year MBBS student was detained by the Mumbai Crime Branch for questioning but no complaint was filed against him.

The Police Commissioner, Mr. Singh, said, “We let the 21-year-old go considering his family background and his future. He told us that he had been watching Republic TV for the last few days. This should be an eye-opener to people – how the poisonous coverage on some channels has been affecting young minds. We have also found that several fake accounts have been opened on social media just to defame the Mumbai Police.”

The family of the young boy issued an apology to the commissioner and his family. They were very grateful for the commissioner’s understanding of the situation and his generosity.

This act of kindness by the commissioner has shown everyone the softer side of the Mumbai Police. They have set the right example of how to treat each other with understanding and compassion.

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