Friday, 9 October 2020

Is PETA Sleeping Asks Goan Actress Poonam Karekar Govekar

“Is PETA Sleeping,” Asks Goan Actress Poonam Karekar Govekar:
Launches Online Campaign To Save Goa’s Forests

Responding to a question about the numbers of animals and birds – both wild and otherwise, who would lose their natural habitat when the forests are cut down for some projects, Goan actress Poonam Karekar-Govekar quipped, “Where is PETA, Is PETA sleeping,” she asked.

Speaking to this reporter, Poonam said, “I am not against development. I am not against progress. But I am wondering where all the animals and birds and insects and all other living organisms like the beautiful butterflies will go if the forests in Goa are cut down,” she asked without particularly naming any particular project in Goa.

“All the animals, birds, insects, butterflies and other living organisms and creatures that inhabit the forests of Goa and call it their home are going to die. It’s just not the trees, which are centuries old, its several species of living organisms that will lose their natural habitat and die. 

Some sections of the Goan forests have a very delicate and fragile eco-system. It cannot be replicated or just transplanted. It’s not as simple as planting or transplanting trees,” explained Poonam, adding that Goa’s rich natural heritage and resources must be saved and preserved for the future generations to come.

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