Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Ranagalam promo song from Polladha Ulagin Bayangara Game

 Ranagalam promo song from Polladha Ulagin Bayangara Game (PUBG) movie goes viral

Ranagalam promo song from 'Polladha Ulagin Bayangara Game' (PUBG) movie goes viral. Directed by Vijay Sri G, Pollatha Ulagil Bayangara Game (PUBG) is set for Pongal release. The promo song is shot in such a way to introduce the cast of the film.

Vijay Sri G has already given a hit movie Dha Dha 87. Starring Ulaga Nayagan's borther Charu Hassan it got good response from the viewers. Now Vijay Sri G is busy with his next project 'Polladha Ulagin Bayangara Game' (PUBG).

Ranagalam song has been sung by the famous Rapper Five O. Hailing from Latvia, he has sung many famous numbers like Aizejot, CitadaksReps, Nothing Compares, Nesteijties, Vis Man Ir Arlauts.

Vijay Sri G has introduced him in Tamil cinema through Ranagalam song. This song is penned by Vijay Sri G. The song starts with the words of fammous poet Bharathiyar, Naan Veezhvaen Ena Ninaithaayo.

Leander Lee Martin has scored music for this film. His number Aaradi Iraivaa from Dha Dha was also a hit. Now, this song Ranakalam from PUBG has enthralled the fans hugely.

Cast and Crew:

The film stars Aishwarya Dutta in the lead. Alongside, Arjuman ( Director Vikraman's nephew), Anithra Nayar, Aaradhya, Sandrea, Chandini join the list. Balaji Baskaran is doing the cinematography. The songs of this film are being released by 'Trend', a company that sets new trend in releasing, promoting musical albums.

The songs are being recorded in Janis Straume Studios - Latvia and Ardant Studios- Singapore. The songs are being released worldwide on this Diwali.  Await the musical cracker festival.

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