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Sunday, 18 July 2021

"Sakthi Film Factory B. Sakthivelan acquired the complete rights of


"Sakthi Film Factory B. Sakthivelan acquired the complete rights of "Arulnithi15" directed by Vijay Kumar Rajendran Produced by MNM Films Aravinnd Singh".

Sakthi Film Factory B. Sakthivelan acquired the complete rights of "Arulnithi15" directed by Vijay Kumar Rajendran Produced by MNM Films Aravinnd Singh

B. Sakthivelan of Sakthi Film Factory has proved a radically distinctive grade of success by marketing and releasing a myriad of movies. Precisely, his Midas touch has escalated the commercial success of many movies, which has made him the lucky mascot of producers, directors, and actors. Significantly, he embarks on a new journey in showbiz by acquiring the complete outrights of a movie for the first time. Tentatively titled Arulnithi 15, the movie is directed by famous YouTuber Vijay Kumar Rajendran (Eruma Saani fame) and is produced by cinematographer Aravinnd Singh for MNM Films.

B. Sakthivelan, Sakthi Film Factory says, “Arulnithi has consistently proved his success by being a part of movies based on unique contents and family entertainers. Significantly, the success of his previous release Kalathil Sandhipoam has escalated his graph in the industry. I happened to watch the movie through a common friend's reference. To be frank, I had no clue about how the movie is going to be. However, I got amused watching it and strongly felt it owns the potentials to grab the attention of all kinds of audiences. Besides, the extraordinary performance of Arulnithi has intensified the premise of the story, and he will land upon a bigger league of stardom after this movie release. Soon after the show, I was irresistibly inquisitive towards acquiring the complete rights of the movie. The word ‘Proudly Presents’ is a common term used in many movies, but it’s emotionally relevant with this project for the entire team of Sakthi Film Factory as I am confident that it will be a delightful experience for the audience in theatres. We are happy to unveil the first look on  (July 21,2021).

Producer Aravinnd Singh, MNM Films says, “I am elated to see the complete rights of my maiden production acquired by a well-esteemed brand like Sakthi Film Factory. It has instilled in me, a lease of high-level confidence that content-driven movies with the right team will yield the finest results. I thank Arulnithi for his phenomenal efforts in ensuring that the movie turns to be a remarkable feat of accomplishment for everyone in the team. It feels good to deliver a good content and later the content getting support from a brand like Sakthi Film Factory.”

Director Vijay Kumar Rajendran says, “When I got an opportunity to make my directorial debut with this movie, I strongly felt that it isn’t just proving my potentials, but setting a benchmark of inspiration for other YouTubers, who are ambitious on embarking on their directorial journey in the industry. And now, to have a reputed brand like Sakthi Film Factory recognizing the project and taking forward it to a bigger release has endowed me with sheer happiness. This movie will be great for all audiences, especially youngsters as the story is set against the college backdrops. We are planning up for a wider stretch of promotions for this movie and will be commencing them soon.”

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