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Thursday 22 July 2021

Now interact with the Josh app hands-free with

 Now interact with the Josh app hands-free with Josh Alexa Skill


Creators and consumers can use their voice as a shortcut to see latest videos and challenges on the Josh app via any Alexa built-in phone or the Alexa app


Adding a new dimension to how India consumes short-video content, Josh, India’s fastest growing and most-engaged short video app will launch its Josh Skill for Amazon Alexa. Short-video creators and consumers can now use their voice on any Alexa built-in phone or on the Alexa app to gain hands-free access to the Josh app, consume content on it and even create videos. With this new skill, users can prompt Alexa to surface their choice of videos from a curated set of trending topics or top creators on the Josh app.


With this new Josh Skill, users can just say, “Alexa, open Josh” or “Alexa, show latest videos on Josh” to enjoy exciting content in audio and video formats. It is also enabled to understand voice prompts in Hindi like “Alexa, Josh pe dance videos dikhao or “Alexa, mera Josh profile khole”. Users can directly jump into the latest challenges on the Josh app by saying “Alexa, ask Josh to show latest challenges” or access their camera by saying, “Alexa, open Josh camera”.


Speaking on the collaboration, Josh Founder Virendra Gupta and Co-Founder Umang Bedi, saidWe're always exploring new product features, effects, and tools that make it easy to create and explore videos on our platform. The Josh Skill on Alexa is part of our commitment to improving the app experience for our users, and we're excited to see how it inspires new kinds of creativity on the platform.”

Dilip R S, Country Manager, Alexa Skills & Voice Services, Amazon India says, “We have been witnessing a large number of users accessing Alexa on the go either via the app or Alexa built-in phones and use their voice as a shortcut to get information, play music and much more. We are very excited about the launch of the Josh Skill, the first Alexa for Apps skill in India, which will allow customers to easily open, access and navigate the Josh app just using simple voice commands on their phone hands free.”

Creators and consumers of Josh can ask Alexa to remind them of all that they can do with the Josh Skill just by saying “Alexa, what can I say in Josh?”

Read more about this new launch, here.

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