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Tuesday 7 September 2021

 Mr, Miss & Mrs Fashion World 2021 to be held on September 26 at the Majestic Pride Cruise in Goa

The grand finale of 'Mr, Miss & Mrs Fashion World 2021' hosted by Indian Media Works is set to take place on September 26, in the presence of various celebrities, aboard the Majestic Pride Cruise

Indian Media Works – one of the leading event management and media companies in Tamil Nadu presents a colossal beauty pageant – MR MISS & MRS FASHION WORLD 2021 – on 26th September 2021 at Majestic Pride Casino, Goa, in order to seek the best emerging talents in the country who will further represent India at International platforms in Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and Dubai. Furthermore, this would the first time ever that a pageant so huge will be conducted on a cruise!

Every year, Indian Media Works conducts several events in order to appreciate the positive change makers in our society as well as to make monetary contribution towards social causes. Therefore, this extraordinary occasion not only aims at recognizing the stars of tomorrow but also has the noble objective to give back to the society, especially in this period of pandemic and crises. The fund raised in this event is decided to be contributed towards supporting the jawans families, monetarily or in kind, through the event’s charity partner Indian Foundation. The fund will also be contributed towards women empowerment and child development project, initiated by Women’s League Foundation.

D'La Valentina - International professional modeling & grrooming agency, has also partnered with Indian Media Works to jointly present Mr Miss & Mrs Fashion World 2021.

The surprises of the event, doesn’t end here. The grand pageant will be followed by an exquisite fashion show by Indian Fashion Lyrics, an affiliate of Indian Media Works which engages in Fashion and modelling and encourages many aspiring models towards their dream by equipping them with required training, grooming and a myriad of opportunities.

All together, this would be one the biggest events – curated by Syed from Fashion Glamour World- which the country would have ever seen and everyone is truly looking forward to how the splendour unfolds!

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