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Thursday 16 December 2021

Sathya Jyothi Films Sendhil Thyagarajan & Arjun Thyagarajan presents Hip Hop Tamizh Starrer

Sathya Jyothi Films Sendhil Thyagarajan & Arjun Thyagarajan presents Hip Hop Tamizh Starrer “ANBARIVU” directed by Aswin Raam premieres on Disney Plus Hotstar

There are certain collaborations in the movie industry, which strongly register a ‘Blockbuster Success’ even before its arrival day. Significantly, ‘ANBARIVU’ becomes a strong epitome is justifying this statement. The reason? The prestigious production house of Tamil Cinema – Sathya Jyothi Films, the most-celebrated OTT platform of every home - Disney Plus Hotstar and the ‘favourite boy’ of every family - Hip Hop Tamizha have been the ‘Source of Ultimate Entertainment for Family Audiences’ in their respective domains. And now, they are associating together for a bigger entertainment this season with ‘Anbarivu’, directed by Aswin Raam. Yes, the film is all set to premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar, which will have the official announcement on the premiere date made soon.

It is noteworthy that Disney Plus Hotstar is already streaming Hip Hop Tamizha’s previous release ‘Sivakumarin Sabadham’ which is receiving heart-warming responses all over the place.

Producers Sendhil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan, Sathya Jyothi Films, say, “It’s a pleasure to be associated with Disney Plus Hotstar for Anbarivu. The way, they nurture a film, promote them with an innovative spell, and facilitate a wider reach remains unbeatable and unparalleled. We are happy to have our film ‘Anbarivu’ premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar, which will take the movie to vaster audiences across the world. Hip Hop Tamizha has done fabulous work as an actor and music director.  Director Aswin Raam has done colossal work. Handling a project with a huge star-cast and a heavy crowd is not an easy task for a first-timer, but Aswin Raam approached this project with complete perseverance and delivered it. He will be appreciated for this beautiful and especially for this family entertainer. We are confident that family audiences are going to celebrate this film unconditionally as it holds a lot of nativity values, family emotions, and unlimited entertainment.”
Hip Hop Tamizha plays the dual roles of Anbu and Arivu in this film with Kashmira Pardeshi and Shivani Rajsekar performing the female lead characters. The others in the star cast include Napoleon, Vidharth, Saikumar, Asha Sharath, Sharath Ravi, Vijay TV fame Dheena, Renuka, Mullai, and a few more prominent actors.

Apart from playing the dual lead roles, Hip Hop Tamizha is composing music for Anbariv as well. Pon Parthiban has penned the dialogues, Madhesh Manickam is handling cinematography and Pradeep E Raghav is the editor. Anbarivu is directed by Aswin Raam and is produced by Sendhil Thygarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan for Sathya Jyothi Films.

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