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Monday 1 May 2023

Supreme Star Sarath Kumar Press Meet

 Supreme Star Sarath Kumar Press Meet* 

*Actor Sarath Kumar is currently acting in more than 20 films* 

*"There will be a massive announcement in the year 2026" – Actor Sarath Kumar’s sensational statement* 


Actor Sarath Kumar acclaimed as ‘Supreme Star’ has made a strong comeback in various roles among which his characterizations as Pazhaya Pazhuvettaraiyar in Ponniyin Selvan and antagonist Bhoomi in Rudhran have earned him acclamations. 

Especially his performance as Pazhaya Pazhuvettaraiyar in Ponniyin Selvan has been appreciated with lots of positive talks. 

Currently, he is busy acting in more than 20 projects including films and web series as protagonist and antagonist. He met, greeted, and interacted with the press and media fraternity thanking them for the positive reviews of his performance in Ponniyin Selvan and Rudhran. 

Here are some excerpts from the occasion. 

Actor Sarath Kumar said, “Many have been consistently stating my linguistic style is almost like Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar, and I am glad about it. I have always spoken good Tamil. I was a little away from the film industry for a while, and I have now continued to act in many movies. Cinema is my profession. 

The Press and Media Fraternity have always been so encouraging, and have been open in sharing their views and opinions about me. I earnestly thank them for their support. I believe this current generation must know about me. There are a few allegations stating that I didn’t take part in the Ponniyin Selvan promotions. I was invited, but couldn’t be a part of it as I was out of Chennai during that time. I am so happy to get such a prominent role from Mani Ratnam. I am glad to see that the film is getting celebrated by everyone. I thank both Mani Ratnam and Lyca Productions Subaskaran for giving me this opportunity to me. Thanks to actor Vijay and director Vamsi for making me popular among the current generation of audiences with Varisu. I was initially negligent to play the negative role in Rudhran but realized that audiences aren’t the same in perceiving the antagonist as it was before. They have become more rational in observing how the role is performed. This encouraged me to perform this character. I will not act in villain charecters that get bashed and have no scope to perform. I have started doing more movies than before when I used to act in hero characters. I have been simultaneously acting in web series and movies. Many have been asking about my political domain, and I will individually meet the press to reveal some interesting facts, and I would like to mention that a mass announcement will be made in 2026. I have always enjoyed the privilege of having your support."

Actor Sarath Kumar spent more time interacting with the press and media friends for a long time. 

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