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Wednesday 3 May 2023

If “The Kerala Story” is proven to be true, I am ready to offer Rs. 1 Crore

 *” If “The Kerala Story” is proven to be true, I am ready to offer Rs. 1 Crore” – Producer Adham Bava*

*Producer Adham Bava’s open challenge to ‘The Kerala Story’ Director* 

Malayalam Film Industry has been a hub, where unique content-driven movies are created and at the same time, controversial flicks too. ‘The Kerala Story’ distinctly belongs to the latter category, which is scheduled for May 5 release and has already stirred controversy. The film is directed by Sudipto Sen. 

The film is reported to be revolving around an innocent Hindu woman from Kerala, who is brainwashed by Islamic friends and gets converted, she is later sent to ISIS Terrorist Organization. A piece of shocking information was revealed that the film is based on real-life incidents where around 32,000 women from Kerala are trapped under this hazardous scheme. 

With the film’s trailer creating sensation and controversy, there has been a rise in resentment and protests stating that the film should be banned. 

Filmmaker-Producer Adham Bava (Director of Ameer’s upcoming movie ‘Uyir Thamizhukku’ and producer of ‘Anti-Indian’) has expressed his strong opposition and condemnation of this film. 

 In his official statement, he said, “It is shocking to see such movies that incite disharmony, hatred, and unwanted dispute in a secular country like India. ‘The Kerala Story’ is a film made to promote separatist organizations.”

Furthermore, he adds, “I am ready to offer Rs. 1 Crore to director Sudipto Sen if he can prove that if really 32,000 people from Kerala have been brainwashed, converted to Islam and joined the ISIS organization as depicted in the trailer.”

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