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Saturday 13 May 2023

Popular cinematographer P.C. Sreeram, actor Joe Malloori, actor Ashwin and others

 Popular cinematographer P.C. Sreeram, actor Joe Malloori, actor Ashwin and others attend the introductory event of dance-fitness app JOOPOP, a new initiative by choreographer Sherif and Vincent Adaikalaraj*

Popular dance master Sherif, who has choreographed for hundreds of chartbuster songs in various blockbuster films starting with 'Soodhu Kavvum', is now one of the leading choreographers in Tamil film industry. He has started a new initiative with the help of technology to help maintain physical fitness through simple dance exercises.

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan recently launched JOOPOP, a dance education and exercise app created by Sherif through his JOOPOP Pro Studio with investment from Vincent Adaikalaraj.  

An event to formally introduce and demonstrate the app was held in Chennai. 

Popular cinematographer P.C. Sreeram, actor Joe Malloori, actor Ashwin and others attended the introductory event of JOOPOP. Speaking on the occasion, P.C. Sreeram said, "I am sure this initiative will be a huge success." P.C. Sreeram further said that he was a close friend of investor Vincent Adaikalaraj and he came to the event on his invitation, and added that he was very happy after coming here to meet choreographer Sherif and learn about JOOPOP app. "This initiative is bound to succeed. My heartiest congratulations to Sherif and Vincent Adaikalaraj," he said.

Speaking at the event, actor Ashwin said, "This is an innovative initiative. With JOOPOP app you can ensure physical health through simple dance exercises. My congratulations to Sherif, Vincent Adaikalaraj and their team who designed this app after hard efforts."

In his address, Vincent Adaikalaraj said that he was very excited when Sherif told him that such an app should be developed and the work on it started immediately. "After various research and testing efforts JOOPOP app is fully developed and being introduced today. I congratulate Sherif and team for their hard work. JOOPOP will be a huge success as it is a much needed app in today's times," he added.

Sherif said that Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, who always keeps himself updated with latest technologies, was very appreciative when we explained him about JOOPOP dance app and thanked Kamal Haasan for launching the app.

Talking about JOOPOP, Sherif said, "We all know the importance of physical exercise. But in today's world, everyone from children to adults are busy with their work and are not able to spare enough time for fitness. Keeping this in mind, we have developed this app to maintain physical health through simple dance exercises in just five to ten minutes a day," he said.

Speaking further, he said, "This app is divided into three categories for school children, adults and those who want to take up dance as a career. Users can choose their desired section and take their appropriate dance exercises very easily."

Explaining the use of the app by schools, Sherif said, "We have already tested the app successfully in around 450 schools. All of those schools have welcomed the JOOPOP dance app. Five to ten minutes of dance lessons tailored to the needs of each class of students will give the students an exciting opportunity to workout before the commencement of classes everyday. This will keep them energised, both physically and mentally."

For more details on JOOPOP dance-fitness app, film choreographer Sherif can be contacted at 9843261718.

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