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Saturday 13 January 2024

Enter the Gateway of Cinema exhibiting your talents through "Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai"

Enter the Gateway of Cinema exhibiting your talents through "Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai"

The programme “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” season 1 is coming to make talented people shine as stars! “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” provides a great cinema platform for talent persons. Talented peoples are not only given prizes but also, they get a chance to act in movies and a recognition by participating in the programme “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai”.

With the growth of social media, many talented people had become globally popular today, but the right opportunity for them is not easy to find. Globe Nexus is attempting to create such an opportunity for the talented persons by launching the grand talent hunt competition in the name “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” Those who are interested in the fields of acting, music, comedian and dance will shine like stars on the silver screen by participating in the show “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” to prove their talent. And also, the title winner will get a chance in a movie respective to their titles.

To participate in the competition “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai”, you have to upload a 30 seconds video showcasing your skills like acting, dancing, singing and comedian and so on in our official website. In addition to individual dances, you can also upload videos of group dances. In Group dance only 3 to 5 participants are allowed. 

A panel of silver screen celebrities has been set up to select the best talent from these videos. Thereby, 4 participants were selected in each category for the finale. A Total of 24 participants will be selected for the grand finale by the jury members. The title winner in each category will be awarded with Rs. 5 lakhs and be given opportunities in the films. Similarly, the second runner up will get Rs.3 lakh, the third runner up will get Rs.2 lakh prize, the fourth runner up will get Rs.1 lakh prize according to their titles.

Winners in the acting category will be given opportunities to act, winners in music category will get a chance to sing and the winners of dance category will get a chance to dance. The name, logo and film title of the production house and the two films will be announced at the “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” finale programme. One of these two films is directed by popular singer and music composer Mr. “Folk Marley”Anthony Daasan and the other film is directed by V. Sugumaran. It is noteworthy that the Globe Nexus company is only popularising the production houses that make these films.

The registration for participating in the programme “Neengalum Minnalam Natchathiramai” starts in December and has been well received by the people. Last date to register is 31st March,2024. Likewise, the registered participants can upload their reels till 05 April,2024.

Participants with the age limit of 3 to 45 years as general category to participate in this competition. Similarly, the age limit for teen category is 13 to 19 years and for senior category is 20 to 45 years and for child category, it is 3 to 12 years. To participate in the programme, you can register your details on the official website www.globenexusmedia.com and upload your 30 seconds video on the same site.

Also, an entry fee of Rs.299 is charged for individuals to participate in the programme. A group fee of Rs.1499 is charged for group dancers. It is worth noting that this fee is a small amount which is charged for their active participation in the registration so that they will give their best and not for any other reason.

For more details contact:

+91-9043980996 / 9384272571

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