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Tuesday 30 January 2024

International recognition for Actor DSG

 International recognition for Actor DSG!

Malaysia is one of the most developed and industrialized countries in East Asia and Dato Sri Gnanaraja also known as DSG Raja, one of the leading businessmen from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, made his way through his own efforts and hard work. He is one of the leading agriculture industrialists in Malaysia. He has been making a mark in various corporate fields and is very successful in all his endeavours. He is currently the President & CEO of AGRO MALAYSIA.

DSG Raja holds a degree in Bachelor Of Laws from the University Of Hertfordshire(UK).

Recently, he forayed into the film industry as well. He established a film production company called 'DSG Creations' founded in 2017 and through it he is doing works of film production, film releases and marketing in Kollywood. As a part of that, in 2023, he played the role of 'Thangaraj @ Gold Raja' in the mega hit film 'Mark Antony' directed by Adhik Ravichandran starring Vishal and S.J. Suryah. While acting in this film, subsequent film opportunities started coming in the Tamil film industry.

Following this, the actor has now received international recognition. Officials of the New York World Bank's head of investments and private project financing committee interacted with DSG Raja through a video conference in Malaysia and was later appointed as a board of advisor to sit on the Advisory Board of the Capital One Group under World Bank's International Finance Corporation based in New York. The invitation was given by the officials of the World Bank - Joint Fund for International Finance, which is operating in New York, USA. This was an important recognition in his public career. It will be the diamond in the crown of his life. 

The actor has exciting collaborations about his Tamil film projects and official announcements will be made soon.

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