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Saturday 13 January 2024

Thamizhar Thirunaal Thaiye', the Pongal song composed by

 Thamizhar Thirunaal Thaiye', the Pongal song composed by James Vasanthan and written by Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, featuring actor-director Sasikumar released*

The Pongal song 'Thamizhar Thirunaal Thaiye', composed by James Vasanthan and written by Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, features actor-director Sasikumar. 

Caldwell Velnambi, a prominent entrepreneur and important functionary in the American Tamil Sangam Federation, came forward to produce this song, realising the need for this product.

This music video celebrates the Pongal festival and the rich culture and tradition of Tamils, as well as its greatness.

In addition to actor-director Sasikumar, the music video also stars Velmurugan, Priyanka NK, Amarmugam, Nandini, Gopinath Sai Lalitha, Puvi, James Vasanthan and Caldwell Velnambi. 

First-unit director Bupesh S. and second-unit director Raja Gurusamy worked together to create this visually striking video. Raja Bhattacharjee and Antony Ruth Vincent handled the cinematography.

Sabu Joseph is in charge of editing, and Sangeetha Prabha is in charge of choreography.

Velmurugan, Palakkad Sreeram, Priyanka NK, Shibi Srinivasan, Bharati Caldwell, and Anu Anand have crooned the song.

Speaking on the initiative, James Vasanthan said, "On the Pongal festival, which is celebrated by the entire Tamil community, there is hardly a single song that can be shown on television. 'Thamizhar Thirunaal Thayye' is the solution to our desire to develop one for the Tamil community worldwide."

"My sincere gratitude to the producer and everyone else who contributed to this song. I am sure this will become a festive song that will remain forever in the hearts of Tamils."

The song can be viewed at https://youtu.be/JNLhAm499jg


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