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Friday 5 April 2024

Kalvan will be a visually stunning film, encompassing adventure, action

 *“Kalvan will be a visually stunning film, encompassing adventure, action, humor, and emotional elements” - Music Director-Actor GV Prakash Kumar*


GV Prakash Kumar, as a music director and actor, has consistently delivered impressive and captivating content-driven films, resulting in great profits for his producers. His upcoming movie, titled Kalvan, is set to release worldwide on April 4, 2024.

Reflecting on his experience working on this project, GV Prakash expresses his admiration for P.V. Shankar, the cinematographer, whose previous works he has witnessed. When Shankar narrated the script of Kalvan, GV Prakash could vividly envision the forest ambiance. Shankar, being a cinematographer, skillfully blended visual elegance with the script, promising a delightful cinematic experience for the audience. After watching the film, GV Prakash is delighted and confident that Kalvan will be a wholesome treat for moviegoers. “I can assure that Kalvan will be a visually stunning film , encompassing adventure, action, humor, and emotional elements,” adds GV Prakash Kumar. 

This film also marks GV Prakash Kumar's first collaboration with the versatile director Bharathiraja. He was deeply influenced and inspired by Bharathiraja's unwavering dedication and passion for cinema over the years. Working with the entire team has been an incredible experience for GV Prakash. He firmly believes that Kalvan will be a fantastic summer treat for the audience. GV Prakash extends his gratitude to producer G Dilli Babu of Axess Film Factory for supporting and bringing unique scripts to the Tamil film industry. Kalvan will undoubtedly be a special milestone in his career.

*Star Cast*

G.V.Prakash Kumar

Bharathi Raja



G. Gnanasambandam

Vinoth Munna

*Technical Crew*

Production House - Axess Film Factory

Producer - G. Dilli Babu

Cinematography & Direction - P.V. Shankar

Songs Music - G.V. Prakash Kumar

Background Music - Revaa

Editing - San Lokesh

Art - N.K. Rahul

Stunt - Dhilip Subbarayan

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