Friday, 9 October 2020

Poonam Karekar Govekar BLASTS POOJA BEDI

Poonam Karekar Govekar BLASTS POOJA BEDI,
don’t speak against Goa Police, they know their job

I will not tolerate anyone speaking against Goa Police, Goan actress Poonam Karekar Govekar advised Bollywood actress Pooja Bedi who today tweeted against the Goa Police.

Apparently Pooja Bedi’s website got hacked and she had complained to the Goa cyber crime cell. Due to the fact that CCC PI was transferred and because of the Covid pandemic a new PI had to take over, the registration of FIR took time.

However Poonam Karekar Govekar is furious that Pooja Bedi said that Goa police are not doing anything. In the recent jeweller Swapnil Walke murder case they arrested the culprits within 24 hours. In another murder case, the culprit was arrested within 3 hours. So don't say the cops are not doing anything, Poonam warned Pooja Bedi, explaining that very often the cops are doing their homework which cannot be seen by the common man. Crime detection is a technical and legal process, Poonam said.

She added the cops are doing their job. In these covid times, there are many other things to be done. Don't expect instant, VIP treatment. Police are here to serve the poor people first, Poonam said.

The Goa Police, SP Crime while speaking to this website has clarified that an FIR has been registered and the police are investigating the matter.

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