Saturday, 10 October 2020

ULLU takes to Twitter to clarify against frauds and impostors using

 ULLU takes to Twitter to clarify against frauds and impostors using ULLU’s name

Vibhu Agarwal, the founder of ULLU, India’s fastest growing OTT platform recently took to Twitter to clarify a few misinformation and misunderstanding related to impostors and frauds who have been using ULLU’s name and making false claims and promises on behalf of the company to make monetary and other gains. 

In the statement, ULLU clarified that they are not associated with any other platform claiming to be their sister concern. There are also fraudsters promoting their application and using the name of Ullu to gain leverage in the market. With the statement, they have also issued a few toll free numbers where people can directly call and clarify any such concern. Mr. Agarwal also came across many producers and actors who have been cheated to get deals cracked or get meetings with the CEO and founder in exchange of monetary benefit. In his statement he said,  “This is illegal and no one is authorised to take money on behalf of me or ULLU Digital Pvt. Ltd.” 

He also added that he is open to meet anyone with ideas and they could easily reach out to him on the mentioned email id.  He also requested the audience to not entertain such impostors in any way

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