Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Chennai’s renowned Socialite and Fashion Icon

                                Chennai’s renowned Socialite and Fashion Icon
                        Bunty Mukesh celebrated his Birthday at Sin and Tonic

The hub of shopping, Tnagar was filled with all the elite audience from Fashion, Film and Music Industry. Bunty does it in Style

Bunty Mukesh is a successful Chennai based Businessman dealing with Spices. Being a cricket fanatic, he not only keeps the score but also plays the sport. He is a well-known state level cricket player. Amidst being a fitness enthusiast, Bunty does have a soft spot. He enjoys writing poetry and singing during his leisure time. Being known for exploring new things, he landed in the fashion industry running beauty pageants and made them a grand success.


Bunty being a renowned socialite himself, his party was graced by other socialites like Esha Goel, Designer Chaithanya Rao, Sulekha Dhaiya, Chandini Khanna , Ananya Rao , Priya Nachiyar and many more.

The party was filled with glitz and glamour and was the talk of the town.

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