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Sunday 19 January 2020

Actress Sneha’s overpowering preparation of Adimurai Martial Arts

Actress Sneha’s overpowering preparation of Adimurai Martial Arts for Pattas

The entire town is fascinated about the most adorable performance of Sneha in Dhanush starrer ‘Pattas’. Apart from getting a strong pivotal role to play, everyone is in awe of her efforts in performing the ‘ADIMURAI’ martial arts form, which has been ennobled as one of the strongest pillars of attraction in this movie.

Actress Sneha says, “All credit goes to Durai Senthilkumar, who came up with such a greater role. For an artiste to shine out, the bigger responsibility always goes with the director’s ability to create an exceptional role and give them prominence. Especially, in a movie featuring an ace actor like Dhanush, it’s so much gleeful to see that I got a pivotal role to perform. I thank my masters, who were really helpful in nurturing my skills in this esthetic martial arts of ADIMURAI. Furthermore, I am so happy for being a part of film that imparts a beautiful record of our Tamil culture and tradition and how ‘Tamizhagam’ being regarded as ‘Motherland of Martial Arts’. I thank Dhanush for giving such a huge space for the female character to get its spotlights too.”

Director Durai Senthilkumar says, “For her years of vast journey as an actress and with an unfading fan base, Sneha madam could have easily taken a cakewalk in any roles. Nonetheless, she was very much firm about wearing greasepaint with a role that involves lots of efforts. Well, she has been an artiste, who has given her heart and soul into the roles that she has essayed and with this one, she has escalated herself to a greater stature. Now to witness that her performance in this film has been acclaimed as one of the brilliant flashpoints brings much more pride to the entire team of Pattas.”

Producer T.G. Thyagarajan, Sathya Jyothi Films says, “There’s nothing such thing called an ‘COMEBACK’ for an artiste for their talents always make them a perpetual star. Especially, when they are always inclined to hard work and sincerity, it’s definitely going to make their star status everlasting. Actress Sneha has evidently proved that audience will celebrate an artiste, when they have given their complete involvement and justification to the role. Sathya Jyothi Films always ensures that female characters are crafted with more substance. At this moment, I gladly appreciate Durai Senthilkumar for sketching this role with so much of powerful elements and Sneha for making it more appealing. The way she prepared for the role assured us that she will definitely win unconditional extolments from the audiences and yes, it’s elating to see it happen now.

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