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Friday 10 January 2020

Sanjay S. Dutt’s highly appreciated movie Baba

Sanjay S. Dutt’s highly appreciated movie Baba wins big at the 59th 
edition of the Asia Pacific Film Festival!
Sanjay S. Dutt and Maanayata Dutt produced their first Marathi movie, Baba, last year in August. After receiving the much-needed appreciation from the audience, the movie has gone on to achieve accolades abroad. Curated by Mountain River Films, the story of Baba revolves around the beautiful relationship between a father and his children
Recently, during the 59th edition of the Asia Pacific Film Festival which took place on January 8th, 2020 in Macau, Baba won three big awards from the 12 nominations in different categories. Organized by the Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia Pacific (FPA), the event was attended by the luminaries of the film sector from all over the world with a strong presence of representatives from the Macau film industry and filmmakers from the Chinese mainland. The Asia Pacific Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals of Asia with the first edition being held in 1954 in Tokyo, Japan. It has been hosted in different countries in Asia.

While Mr. Raj R Gupta bagged the Best Director award for directing Baba and Mr. Arjun Sorte bagged the best cinematographer award, Deepak Dobriyal was awarded the best actor award for his exceptional acting.

Baba also bagged the best film in Lifft India Awards 2019, and Raj R Gupta achieved the best director award yet again. Actors Deepak Dobrial and Aryan Menghji were awarded best actor and best child actor awards.

Not only at the above-mentioned award ceremonies, but the movie also won big at the SAKAL premiere Awards 2019. While the movie won awards for best story and best screenplay, actors Aryan Menghji, Deepak Dobriyal, Nandita Dhuri-Patkar bagged awards for the best child actor, best actor male and female, respectively.

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