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Friday 16 October 2020

21 Day Magic Book Launch

21 Day Magic Book Launch

I was just like anyone else in the world until 20th March 2020, carrying on with the personal and professional routine. The afternoon news bulletin flashed a breaking, announcing a one day curfew in Chennai to control the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that was freaking not just the city but the entire world. I had thought that was just a day off to chill at home, because it was anyway over the weekend.

But then, it got extended for a week. I thought it to be a forced vacation that everybody could enjoy without having to leave the house. It was Eat–Play–Love routine. Only when People were told to stay home without telling a definite end for the lockdown, seriousness seeped in.

News and awareness of COVID–19 flooded the media. I felt the strange, unusual and a different rhythm of life. “Stay Home, Stay Safe!” became the trending hashtag in social media. But truly, how many people can afford to stay home and have the means to survive? This adversely heightened everyone’s anxiety. I realized #PossibilityThinking was the only need of the hour and I decided to instil hope and positivity into as many lives as possible.

When I started reflecting on my own life and the discipline that I had brought into my life, I realized that wasn’t the same until few years back. Now I live like a Digital Lifestyle Monk. I had inculcated technology into my life in the best way, which has made my life much better and easier to handle. But I also knew it was not just that, but a holistic approach in the thought pattern and habits that have brought me here.

Based on my experiences and best practices in life, I quickly put together a content for an online training. I posted it on my Facebook page and announced it as “World’s first 5 AM webinar”. I trusted my instincts, and the number of people who turned in for the first batch was exactly what I expected. Soon the words got spread, and in the last six months, I had the opportunity to impact thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals,
homemakers, and students

The practices mentioned in this book might not be something new and which you haven’t heard before. But I have conceptualized the book practically, which is 100% possible for anyone in the world to put into action. I could say, this book could be a concentrated juice of 100 self-help books I have read throughout my life. It’s not just that there are some secret ingredients that make this book easily readable and doable. You should go ahead and read the book to know that.

About the Book: 21-day magic is a book based on the age-old belief that it takes 21 days to fully form a new habit. It isn’t a myth because this book has been written only after thousands of participants, who attended the world’s first 5 am webinar, had regularly followed the practices and seen amazing results. The only simple rule here is, you stick to a certain habit for 21 days, every day.In this empowering book, author Dharaneetharan takes you through concepts ranging from the human condition to finding one's purpose in life and the key to lasting happiness. This thought-provoking book will help you align yourself with the life you always wanted to live with a little help of digital technologies. With its holistic approach, for anyone who wants to be better than they were yesterday, this book is most suited for the modern era.

About the Author: Dharaneetharan, a Digital Lifestyle Monk and Curator of the World’s first 5 AMWebinar. He is the founder of Social Eagle, a digital marketing agency based in Chennai, served over 120 clients including big names like Nestle, Singapore Management University, Haagen Daz, Azuz, etc., supporting their brand promotion. He worked as Head of Marketing - PAN India for Naturals, India's No.1 Salon Chain. With fifteen years of experience in the educational field and IT, his passion for teaching has always grown. He has impacted the lives of over 1.5 lakh people with his motivational talks and industry-oriented seminars through 500+ sessions.Social Eagle won the “Best emerging social media company” in GMASA–Asia’s largest Mobile App Summit. 

He has been awarded Best JC of the year from Junior Chamber International. With a bachelor in Computer Science Engineering from the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology, he served a few USA based Telecom companies as Software Engineer. He is quite a popular personality in TV and newsprint giving interviews on digital marketing,entrepreneurship, & various other self-development topics. Possibility thinkingis the driving factor that motivates him constantly. He believes in leaving a lasting legacy through his work. He is on a mission to positively impact one million Tamil People by teaching Life Tools, Internet & Technology to live an Abundant Lifestyle.

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