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Wednesday 14 July 2021

Nahak Motors Conclude First Phase of

                                     Nahak Motors Conclude First Phase of Pre Bookings                         of 100% Made In India E-Cycles, Receive Over 1500 Orders

     International orders received from Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Nepal and Bangladesh

     South India and West India contributes 73% of total orders, 9% orders are global

Nahak Motors has received an overwhelming response to the online pre booking of India’s first 100% Made in India electric bicycles. During the first phase, from 2nd July to 11th July, they have received 1510 pre bookings of the two E-Cycle models, Garuda and Zippy. The E-Cycles are priced at INR 31,999 and 33,499 respectively.

The Southern and Western parts of India have shown maximum interest as collectively 73% bookings have come from these two regions. The 100% Made in India E-Cycles have received excellent response from international consumers as well. 9% of total pre bookings are from countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Encouraged by the response, Dr. Pravat Nahak, Chairman, Nahak Group said, “The response we received in the first phase proves again that there is huge demand of Made in India products. Around 9% bookings are global orders. It is very encouraging to have such response in the first phase for our E-Cycles. The response has strengthened our belief that Indian consumer is mature enough to book E-Vehicles online.”

“We plan to start delivery from 25th July onwards which was planned for 15th August earlier. We have more products ready and we plan to replicate this model for other electric vehicles very soon,” he added.

 The two models available for pre-booking, Garuda (Specifications) and Zippy (Specifications) are two of the most feature-packed E-Cycles with a removable battery, LCD Display, and pedal sensor technology. The process of pre-booking is very simple, customers can simply log onto www.nahakmotors.eco, choose the model of their choice, fill the form and make a booking against a payment of Rs 2999.

E-Cycles from Nahak Motors have been specially designed for Indian conditions, the Lithium-Ion Battery on the E-Cycles takes about 3 hours to fully charge, and the charger plugs into a regular home power socket. The E-Cycles can run up to 40 kilometers on one full charge and there is no requirement of a driving license to ride these E-Cycles on roads. Both E-Cycles come with alloy steel frames, and high-quality components sourced from handpicked suppliers across India, and the running cost of these E-Cycles is only around 10 Paise per kilometre

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