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Monday 30 August 2021

Godrej Appliances keeps your perishables fresh for up to 30 days with

Godrej Appliances keeps your perishables fresh for up to 30 days with new Cool Balance Technology in its latest refrigerators

~ Available in two of its Frost-Free refrigerator ranges -Godrej New Eon Valor and Godrej Eon Alpha, ensures up to 60% longer preservation of your fruits and vegetables

As the demand for premium appliances witnesses a rise after a subdued summer, Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Appliances, one of the leading appliances players in India unveiled two new series of advanced frost-free refrigerators: Godrej Eon Valor and Godrej Eon Alpha.


With higher safety concerns, more consumers are refraining from frequent visits to the stores and hence the rising need for cooling solutions that provide lasting freshness for veggies and fruits. The new Godrej Eon Valor and Alpha refrigerators deploy new Cool Balance Technology with break through air flow design, offering up to 30 days of freshness and up to 60% longer preservation.

The Godrej Eon Valor and Godrej Eon Alpha refrigerators offer a much higher value with a host of relevant features -

a.    Multi-Inverter technology in Eon Valor for more efficient cooling

b.    Intelligent Weather Sensing technology in Eon Valor for automatic adjustment of cooling according to external weather conditions

c.    Moisture control technology in the vegetable tray to enhance freshness

d.    Convertible freezer technology with 6 in 1 mode in Eon Valor

e.    Thickest Insulation with Best-in-class PUF insulation of 2.75 inches and 2.24 inches respectively in Valor and Alpha series, ensuring cooling retention for up to 24 hours.

f.     Widest freezers in the segment for convenient storage and access with completely movable ice maker

g.    Prism LED light for uniform brightness

h.    Largest Vegetable Tray of 27 L in Eon Valor



Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kamal Nandi, Business Head and EVP – Godrej Appliances said, “The pandemic has accelerated certain shifts in consumer behaviour like increased storage needs at home for perishables. The higher end of appliances is also witnessing increased demand. Our newest additions to refrigerator portfolio – Godrej New Eon Valor and Godrej Eon Alpha are high on preservation, aesthetics and convenient storage and in sync with the brand’s promise of ‘things made thoughtfully.”


Mr. Anup Bhargava, Product Group Head – Refrigerators, Godrej Appliances, further added, “Frost free refrigerators account for about 24% of the total refrigerator sales and are growing faster than the rest of the category, at 45%. Our recently launched Godrej New Eon Valor and Godrej Eon Alpha allow consumers to get lasting preservation and more convenience and are also high on aesthetics. We are confident this new range will further strengthen our position further in the refrigerator category.”


Godrej New Eon Valor is available in 3 capacities – 244L, 265L and 294L, starting from INR 34,700 while Godrej Eon Alpha is available in 234L and 253L, starting from INR 30,200. 

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