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 *பப்புவா நியூ கினியா நாட்டின் வர்த்தக ஆணையர் டாக்டர்.ஆர்.சி.எம். விஷ்ணுபிரபு ஆந்திர முதலமைச்சர் சந்திரபாபு நாயுடுவுக்கு வாழ்த்து தெரிவித்தா...

Sunday 7 May 2023

Round Table India and Donors collaborate to build 4 classroom blocks for Ambattur Municipal High School*

 *Round Table India and Donors collaborate to build 4 classroom blocks for Ambattur Municipal High School*

Ambattur Municipal High School, Kamarajapuram, which runs from the year 2017 for the underprivileged majorly operating under the shades of trees. From 2019 onwards Round Table India (RTI) has been a constant support to the School by providing temporary shelter, donating furniture, distributing uniform sets, distributing desk kits, and organizing an eye checkup camp. The school was in need of the basic infrastructure of 6 classrooms. Past Tr. Anand Bhushan, Founder partner Bhushan Rajaram was instrumental in the collaboration of YRG Care & Don Bosco Past Pupils barch of 1997. With the joint  financial support from Tata AIG General Insurance, Past Don Bosco Past pupils batch of 1997, Y.R.G Care Foundation jointly with Round Table India Trust, Round Table India Foundation & Ladies Circle India build 4 classrooms with amenities. 

The newly constructed school building project was undertaken by Madras Central Round Table 82 & Madras Central Ladies Circle 73, which will be benefiting 200 students annually, was inaugurated by Thiru Dr. Elizhan, MLA thousand lights constituency & Thiru Joseph Samuel, MLA Ambattur Constituency.

 The Club as well renovated toilets for staff & students, donated an interactive 65” smart board, and science lab equipment to improve the quality of education. The total project cost was approximately Rs. 49 lakhs (approximately Rs. forty-nine lakhs only) and took less than 5 months to complete said the MCRT82 Chairman Srinivasan in a press note.

The inauguration was done in the presence of Educational Department authorities, Delegates from TATA AIG Insurance, Don Bosco 97 Batch Past Pupils, YRG Care Foundation, Members of Round Table India & Ladies Circle India, Teachers, Students, and Parents 

Round Table India (RTI) is a Young Men’s Organisation consisting of successful businessmen and professionals across the nation who believes in bringing about change & excellence in ourselves and our community! During the last decade, RTI has built one classroom a day, every day!

 Even after 75 years of independence, millions of Indian children have never been to school which has quality infrastructure and basic amenities. Since 1996, Round Table India has started adopting projects to provide quality school infrastructure. Then in 1998 the National Project of Round Table India “Freedom Through Education” was formalized to educate underprivileged children under P&G Shiksha Initiative.

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