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 Vijay Adiraj's directorial venture 'Nodikku Nodi' starts rolling with pooja* *’Nodikku Nodi’ produced by Nox Studios with Ashwi...

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Vels Film International Dr. Ishari K Ganesh presents*

 Vels Film International Dr. Ishari K Ganesh presents* 

*Filmmaker Karthik Venugopalan directorial* 

*Hiphop Tamizha Adhi starrer 'PT Sir' Success Meet* 

Producer Dr. Ishari K Ganesh of Vels Film International has churned out lots of promising projects that have worked out very well at the box office. The latest to join the league is PT Sir, starring Hiphop Tamizha Adhi in lead. The film has emerged a  huge success at  the  box office. Marking this special occasion, the entire cast and crew met and thanked the press and media fraternity during the success meet. 

Here are some excerpts from the event.

Art Director said, "Director Karthik had crafted a gripping tale with an issue that we witness everyday in our lives. I thank hero Aadhi, a pillar of this film. The entire team had put in a lot of hardwork to shape this movie efficiently. There is male chauvinism in many places across society and this film has dealt with it perfectly."

DOP Madhesh said, "I thank producer Ishari K Ganesh sir and entire Vels International Team for being a great support throughout the project. I thank Aadhi for introducing me to the creators of this project."

Director Karthik Venugopalan said, "I thank Aadhi brother for elevating my script to such a great level. I am indebted to producer Ishari sir for giving me creative freedom. I thank Ilavarasu sir for delivering such a realistic performance. Munishkanth has helped the entire first half with his presence. After completing the script works, we wanted someone who can carry the second half involving courtroom scenes engagingly. I thought Bhagyaraj sir would add more life to the judge's role. It's such a great privilege to have him accepting to play this role. We wanted to convey something beyond the routine harrasment of women. We wanted to showcase the pain of victimized women, who are burdened by society. It has given them more pain than the harrassment itself.Aadhi and I have received more messages from women, who appreciated  us boldly focussing on this issue. It gives us immense joy to gain such a response."

Actor Munishkanth said, "The entire team has been so  supportive throughout the film. I am thankful to producer Ishari sir, Karthik Venugopalan sir and the entire team for this opportunity."

Actor Ilavarasu said, "The entire team has been so responsible. Hiphop Adhi has such a huge fan base for his musical journey. Today, he has become one of the bankable stars of the box office, but still he is so humble and down to earth. Karthik Venugopalan has imparted a beautiful message through this movie. Tamil industry definitely needs directors like him.. The film deals with a serious issue happening inside an educational institution. But it's really surprising to see Dr. Ishari K Ganesh sir producing this film. The entire team had so much energy and positivity towards nourishing this project. Only few films add more responsibility upon the actors, and I experienced it when Karthik narrated the script. I thank press, media and film lovers for making this film successful."

Actor K Bhagyaraj said, "Karthik Venugopalan has created such a wonderful script with engrossing screenplay and strong characters. It's nice to see that actors Ilavarasu, Munishkanth and everyone delivering stellar performances. Aadhi has exhibited his acting prowess in this film. These days, success of films have become a scarcity. It's so heartening to see that PT Sir has garnered soulful response from critics and audiences. I am so happy to be a part of such a commendable project. I wish the entire team to deliver more and more succesful films in the future."

Producer Dr. ishari K Ganesh said, "As Bhagyaraj sir said, it's not an easy thing for a film to complete 50 days succesfully in  theaters. Of course, the technological advancements including the premiering of movies on OTT platforms early has curbed the theatrical run of many movies. As a producer I am so happy that PT Sir has collected a whopping BO figure of Rs.12.5Cr approximately and is still running successfully in 150 theaters. I usually don't read reviews, but it is such a heartwarming experience to see press and media acclaiming this movie. It was Hiphop Adhi who got me this project, and he is the main pillar in escalating the success value of this film. K Bhagyaraj sir made the climax totally amazing with his performance. I thank the entire team for making this film successful. Herewith, I am assuring that Vels Film International will continue to provide responsible and good content driven movies. Of course, Both myself and Aadhi will be working together in many projects. Thank you all."

Actor Hiphop Tamizha Adhi said, "I thank Press and Media Fraternity for making this film successful. I read each and every review. I thank you all for the amazing verdicts, and i have taken the constructive criticisms consciously and will follow them in my forthcoming projects. Vels Film International Dr. Ishari K Ganesh sir has made the film achieve a great success. More than basking in the glory over the grand success of this film, all of us are emotionally overwhelmed with the way, the film has created a huge impact upon the society. More than being a  good producer, Ishari sir is a good human. K Bhagyaraj sir added the Midas-Touch to this small film with his magnetic performance. Ilavarasu sir started inspiring me on the sets as an actor. I learnt a lot from him. I thank entire cast and crew for their immense support. Karthik Venugopalan isn't just a good filmmaker, but a disciplined director, and such qualities will make him the bankable and producer friendly. We travelled throughout Tamil Nadu to watch the film along with audience. We came across many heart-touching moments that left us frozen in astonishment. I am indebted to Karthik Venugopalan a lot for making this film for me. DOP Madhesh sir has been a great support."

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