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Wednesday 10 July 2024

My Friend’s unfulfilled dream is the reason behind the materialization of


My Friend’s unfulfilled dream is the reason behind the materialization of ‘Narkarappor’ film” - Director Sri Vetri 

Narkarappor - A Film with a never-seen-before premise and riveting package! 

Debut filmmaker Sri Vetri, a former assistant to reigning filmmakers like H. Vinoth and Rajapandi is debuting as director with the film ‘Narkarappor’. S Velayudham of V6 Film Private Limited is producing this film. 

Abharnathi, known for her role in the film Irukkapattu, will be starring as the female lead character in this movie, while Ashwin, recognized for his performance in Sethumann, will be portraying the central role. Linges, famous for his roles in Kaala and Kabali, will be playing the lead role, with Suresh Menon taking on the role of the antagonist.

The film is based on the game of Chess that delves into the conflicts and confrontations of people between the Rich & Poor class and High and Low strata of society. The story is about how an ordinary underdog boy, from the community of sanitation workers, becomes a'Grand Master'? The crux of the film is what are the problems he faces.

Filmmaker Vetri states that he was inspired by the real-life encounters to draft this script and materialize it as a film. 

Director Sri Vetri says, “My companion and I developed a passion for chess at a young age. While my friend was more inclined towards playing chess rather than studying, we managed to pool together some money to purchase a chess board and dedicatedly practiced it. Unaware of the consequences, we ventured from our hometown Dindigul to Madurai in an attempt to enroll in a coaching center. However, we were turned away due to the high training fees. Upon our return, our parents learned of our escapade and punished us severely, destroying the chess board in the process.

My friend struggled to focus on his studies, was unable to participate in sports, and ultimately succumbed to depression, tragically taking his own life by jumping in front of a lorry. It took me quite some time to heal from the emotional wounds caused by this devastating loss. Likewise, a senior woman, employed as a janitor in our neighborhood, would only come near our house. I was among the few individuals who attended her funeral when she passed away. Her passing also had an impact on me. Subsequently, upon crafting the screenplay, I penned the narrative of 'Narkarappor' by intertwining my friend's love for chess with the struggles faced by a mother working as a sanitation worker.

Several confederations and associations overseeing sports in India have turned into arenas for selfish motives.. Despite this, Indian athletes continue to achieve greater success and recognition by overcoming various obstacles and difficulties.

 The excavation in Keezhadi unearthed numerous chess pawns from ancient times, all dating back to the 6th Century B.C. This discovery unequivocally demonstrates the thriving of Chess Game during the ancient Tamil era.

The Tamil Nadu government has hosted the Olympiad consistently, which has elevated and popularised the standard of Chess Game among the students. It is a source of great joy that Tamil Nadu boasts 24 Grand Masters in India. Sports serve as a means to promote religious harmony and unite people. However, participating in and choosing a game requires a certain level of qualification. Even today, there are many individuals who are unable to select and play their preferred game.

Even today, there are many hidden talents and desires among the unknown and unpopular people, who want to desperately achieve their dreams. This film ‘Narkarappor’ focuses on this gist, and it’s a movie tailor-made and dedicated to the oppressed in the society.” 

Currently, the process of getting ‘Narkarappor’ released worldwide in August, and the works are underway to get it done.

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