Monday, 19 October 2020

Dr Mehta's Hospitals Now in New Dimensions

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals – 175+ Years of Legacy, Now in New Dimensions

Coupling old world charm with modern boldness, the team at Dr Mehta’s Hospitals looks all set to do their legacy proud and take the iconic brand into a bright future with their new ventures into entirely different Business – Arya play

Arya Play focuses on bringing thought provoking games which can be played irrespective of age, creed, gender and race to enable fun and meaningful conversation among self and tribe. Their mission is to strengthen bonds across and within, and beyond global tribes against the tide of differences, fear mongering and politics.

 The Arya Play story began when two individuals, Sameer Mehta (Vice Chairman of Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals) and Rochana Mehta decided to discover what mattered to each other and their motives in life. Their brainchild, Arya Play, turned out to be truly inspiring and surprising when it made family and friends circle have discussions across generations on what truly mattered the most to each other.

The Arya Play games have been refined by playing with people from over various professions and hundreds of nationalities incorporating Psychologists, Social Anthropologists, Human Behaviorists, et al. across a broad spectrum of age groups. The findings are remarkable – by prioritizing ingredients for life, we can collectively live more fun, grounded and fulfilling lives.

The Arya Play games can be played separately and at different times. They are currently used by Psychologists in Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals as an assessment tool to find out potential emotional, mental and physical blocks of their patients and help them delve deep into their patient’s minds to analyze aspects that could be disturbing them. Also, the Games are used as a Management tool in Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals helping Human Resource Teams in various organizations hire the aligned candidate most suited to the core values of the organization.

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals Overview

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals is widely recognized as a leading Healthcare provider in India. With over 85 years of expertise and experience, we have helped heal consumers across generations and are the oldest and most experienced private hospital in India and amongst the Top 30 on the planet.

Delivering very strong ethical, effective, stringent infection control has helped Dr. Mehta’s deliver top clinical outcomes consistently and has helped heal over millions of our consumers across all age groups.

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals is widely respected as among the safest and healthiest birthing locations in India having helped deliver over One Million Successful Births. Our Pediatric Specialty Units have been recognized by Clinicians and Consumers as Leaders and Centers of Excellence across India.

The Legacy

Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals was founded in 1933 in Sowcarpet by Dr.Anantrai J Mehta, who had a vision to setup an institution that was open to all members of the Indian community that focused on consumer

safety, affordability and affection in a Pre-Independence era. Joined by Dr.Savitha Ben Mehta, a Gynecologist trained by leading British and Indian Gynecologists in 1940, they relocated and expanded this to a Multi-specialty Surgical and Birthing unit in 1955 at Chetpet, Chennai. Their children Dilip Mehta, Dr. Usha Shukla and their grandchildren Sameer Mehta and Dr. Pranav Mehta continue the legacy today.

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals -Today

Dr Mehta’s Hospitals today has over 500 beds across our Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Units in Chetpet and Velappanachavadi with over 80 Medical and Surgical specialties and 600 leading clinicians. Our units have helped deliver over 2 Million babies.  We have been privileged to have served more than 20,000 families across 2 generations and more than 300 families across 3 generations. Mehta Multispecialty Hospitals has successfully conducted over 250,000 surgeries (including >100,000 complex surgeries) and 150s of successful Kidney transplants.



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