Saturday, 17 October 2020

Meru launches firstofits kind office


Meru launches first-of-its kind office commute service Meru Reserve

·         Commuters can book rides for up to a month in advance

·         Meru Reserve guarantees cab availability, no surge pricing

·         Rides can be rescheduled, cancelled or altered at no extra cost

·         Up to 40% discount on EV rides in Mumbai and Delhi

 Meru Mobility Tech Pvt Ltd., a pioneer in providing e-mobility services in India, today announced the launch of Meru ‘Reserve’, a new ride-hailing service guaranteeing commuters a hassle-free ride even during peak rush hours.

 The service, through which commuters can book their trips to and from the office for an entire month in advance, will have no surge pricing. It will also eliminate the need to look for a ride as well as annoyances like cancelled rides.

 Commuters will find their cab at their doorstep on the day and at the time they have asked for it. Moreover, they can alter, cancel or reschedule rides at no extra cost. Almost 20 million white collared employees travel to work every day. As many as 95 percent prefer using public transportation. Still, there are no specific office commute services currently available to address their need.

 Meru Reserve, the first such non-subscription service in the country, will bridge this needs-gap, which is only set to grow wider in a post-COVID world with even more commuters expected to switch from mass transit systems like trains to private cabs.

 Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Founder and Managing Director, Meru Mobility Tech Pvt. Ltd. said, “We all know what it’s like rushing about getting ready for work in the morning. On top that, the headache of booking a cab is something we could do without. Paucity of cabs, long wait times, surge pricing and no guarantee that once booked your booking wont be cancelled, these are all stresses that Meru Reserve will eliminate. Its commuter-friendly flexibility together with its competitive pricing promises commuters a hassle-free trip to and from work for a whole month.”

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