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Will Colors Allow Weapons Inside Bigg Boss House, Asks Poonam Karekar, Or Will Radhe Maa Give Up Her Trident?

For those who came in late, the controversial godwoman Radhe Maa was once stopped from boarding her flight because she was carrying her "trident" - which according to the airline industry is classified as a weapon, and since the maverick Radhe Maa refused to leave it behind, she was not allowed to fly. On another occasion, Radhe Maa was stopped by a star hotel in Mumbai from entering its premises, because she was again carrying her trident. In another case a lawyer had filed a complaint against Radhe Maa for carrying weapons. There are at least 4-5 similar incidents when her trademark trident landed her in trouble. 

Further, the Bigg Boss house has its rules which are mentioned in their 70 or 80 page contract, which every contestant has to sign and it is notarized and registered before the registrar making it a water-tight legal document that can stand scrutiny in court. The Bigg Boss contract prohibits participants, contestants and even guests from carrying any dangerous items or weapons of any kind which could possibly be used to injure themselves or the other inmates of the house or pose a threat to the security of the venue or threaten anyone connected with the show.

Now, out-spoken and bold Goan actress Poonam Karekar-Govekar has asked Colors and the production house Endemol if they have bent their rules for Radhe Maa and allowed her to carry her trident in the house, or has Radhe Maa given up her trident for Bigg Boss?

Poonam also claimed that the controversial god woman Radhe Maa is not a paid contestant and is only making a guest appearance on the Bigg Boss Season 14 show which airs on Colors starting this week.

The guest appearance on the premium reality show is thanks to a business deal between the channel, production house and a Out Door Media Company OOH run by one of Radhe Maa’s followers.

Thanks to that media deal, Radhe Maa has got a chance to visit the Bigg Boss house as a special guest and will bless the contestants on the show,  Poonam explained, adding that she has got this information from very reliable sources.

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