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Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Nanban Mothers for Mother Nature helping farmers and their livelihoods

 Nanban Mothers for Mother Nature helping farmers and their livelihoods :

Nanban Foundation Mothers for Mother Nature helps in the natural way of farming, empowering women involved in farming without any returns. 

Nanban is Dallas, TX USA-based organization founded by Tamil entrepreneurs & visionaries Nanban GK, Nanban Sakthi, and Nanban Mani. Nanban Foundation MFMN is created with Nanban Sakthi's vision of helping Farmers across the world and revive & replenish mother earth. 

Nanban Foundation's Mothers for Mother Nature project is aimed at helping farmers transition from a chemical way of farming to a natural way of farming, by partnering with Vanagam, founded by Dr. G Nammalvar. NanbanMFMN provides a monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000.00 /month to farmers who will transition and help others to adopt the natural way of farming. The name Mothers for Mother nature is to empower women in this effort and the stipend is sent to the lady of the house. 

The project is led by Nanban Preetha, we are working on rejuvenating a lake having 410 acres of circumference in Poovetriyur village, Alankulam Taluk in the Pudukottai district of Tamilnadu. To do this work, Nanban Foundation MFMN, donated a brand-new excavator worth ₹37.5 lakhs to Nanban Nimal Raghavan who is the water warrior of India, and Nanban Green Earth Foundation.

Nanban MFMN; joining hands with like-minded people in the Cauvery Delta region to complete this project, which helps in storing 600 crores litters of water, bringing the water levels in that locality, and, eventually, 12,000 farming communities will benefit from this project. In addition to donating a brand-new excavator, Nanban foundation MFMN will provide aid for fuels worth ₹3- to ₹4 lakhs to complete this project successfully.

Nanban Foundation MFMN is a self-funded nonprofit organization. Our founders are helping generously to take up noble philanthropic initiatives and are planning to donate ten more new excavators to enable concurrent projects to restore the water bodies across India. 

Honourable Minister of Environment Tamilnadu Mr. Siva. V. Meyyanthan inaugurated this project; appreciated all the leaders involved from Nanban MFMN and extended his support to take the initiative to restore water bodies across Tamilnadu. Along with the honorable minister, RTO, Tahsildar, local panchayat president, and fellow citizens of the nearby villages joined and appreciated Nanban MFMN and its visionary leaders for generously providing help in buying a brand-new excavator and taking operational expenses.

On this occasion, Nanban MFMN representative Nanban Velkanth extended the warmest gratitude to everyone.

For any support to restore water bodies in your locality, please reach out to our warriors at the below-mentioned contact details.


Water warrior of India Nanban Nimal Raghavan - 9962200666




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