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கிராம வாழ்க்கை அனுபவத்தைக் கொடுக்கும் ‘லா வில்லா’! - நடிகர்

 கிராம வாழ்க்கை அனுபவத்தைக் கொடுக்கும் ‘லா வில்லா’! - நடிகர் கார்த்தி திறந்து வைத்தார் அமைதியான சூழல், ஆரோக்கியமான இருப்பிடம், கிராமத்து உணவ...

Saturday 12 February 2022

Cyclist Shiva Ravi pedalling 1600 km & Cyclist Jay Aswani Pedalling 200 km on behalf of

 Cyclist Shiva Ravi pedalling 1600 km & Cyclist Jay Aswani Pedalling 200 km on behalf of 

Sankalp Beautiful World for cancer awareness

* Shiva Ravi, a passionate ultra-endurance cyclist, pedalled 1600 km long journey from Chennai to Vizag and back to Chennai to support cancer patients

*The cycle ride covered a distance of 200 km a day and passed through Nellore, Vijayawada, Kakinada and Vizag
 On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Chennai based NGO Sankalp Beautiful World and Shiva Ravi, an ultra-endurance cyclist, embarked on a noble mission in support of Cancer patients. Shiva pedalled from Chennai to Vizag and back to Chennai covering 1600 km in eight days (Feb 04 to Feb 11) with a single point objective to create awareness, raise funds for cancer cause and encourage people to fight against cancer.

Shiva Ravi will be received by Dr.Vandana Mahajan, Director, Sankalp Beautiful World, Mr.Krishnamachari, Chairman, Textan Bio Science, Mrs.Chaaya Devi, Co Founder, Save Sakthi Foundation, Dr.A.E. Jagadeesan, DSP (Ret.) and Head of Government Affairs, Sankalp Beautiful World, Dr. Santhosh, Consultant, Sankalp Beautiful World on 11th February at 5.30 pm at Chennai. The journey, covered Nellore, Vijayawada, Kakinada and Vizag. The cycle ride was spread over eight days, covering a total distance of 1600 km, on an average of 200 km per day.  Jay Aswani, another cyclist in support of cancer patients, Pedalled  the distance covering 200 km from Nellore to Chennai on February 11.
Embarking on this endeavour, Shiva Ravi, who has completed 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km Brevet conducted by Audax Club of Parisen (ACP) and has cycled 1100km from Chennai to Coimbatore said, “We all need to come together to fight against cancer by creating awareness and sensitising people. Cancer is curable if detected at an early stage and I have known people who have overcome this successfully”. He added, “My grandmother died of cancer 17 years back. Unfortunately, it was detected at a very late stage and treatment options were also significantly limited then. She is one of the reasons and motivation because of which I joined Sankalp in this noble cause to create awareness and support in a small way.”

While Welcoming Shiva Ravi, Dr.Vandana Mahajan insisted on more Cancer Awareness program and Screening so that general public is benefitted.  

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