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Monday 2 January 2023

EINFACH STUDIOS Pratap Krishna & Manoj Kumar present

 *EINFACH STUDIOS Pratap Krishna & Manoj Kumar present* 

*Filmmaker Dayal Padmanabhan’s Tamil debut directorial*

*Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Santhosh Prathap starrer “Kondraal Paavam” to hit screens for summer 2023* 

Producers Pratap Krishna and Manoj Kumar of Einfach Studios officially confirm that their upcoming production ‘Kondraal Paavam’ starring Varalaxmi Sarathkumar-Santhosh Prathap will have its worldwide theatrical release in Summer 2023.  It is worth mentioning that the shooting of Kondraal Paavam was recently wrapped up, and the postproduction work is happening in full swing now. 

As known earlier, the film is an adaptation of a Kannada play authored by Shri Mohan Habbu. Dayal Padmanabhan, the writer & director of this film, directed both the original version in Kannada and its Telugu remake of this film. The noteworthy fact is that Allu Aravind produced the Telugu version as Aha Original. 

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar & Santhosh Prathap are playing the lead roles in this movie. Eswari Rao, Charlie, Manobala, Jaya Kumar, Meesai Rajendran, Subramaniam Siva, Imran, Sendrayan, TSR Srinivasan, Yazar, Kavitha Bharathi, Thangadurai, Kalyani Mahadhavi, and others are a part of the star cast.

Pratap Krishna & Manoj Kumar are producing this film for EINFACH STUDIOS, and Dayal Padmanabhan is co-producing it for D Pictures. Besides, he shares the credit of writing dialogues along with John Mahendran.

*Technical Crew*

Mohan Habbu (Concept) Sam C.S. (Music & Background score), R. Chezhiyan (Director of Photography), Preethi Babu (Editor), Vithal Kosanam (Art Director), Pattinathar, Kabilan, Dayal Padmanabhan (Lyrics), Leela Kumar (Dance choreography), Uday Kumar (Sound Mix), Vinod Kumar (Executive Producer), Suresh Chandra-Rekha D’One (PRO), Shanmugam (Makeup), Chakri (Costume), Meera Chithirappaavai (Costume Designer), & Naveen Kumar (Publicity Designer).

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